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15514 Spaulding Plaza Suite D109
Omaha, Nebraska 68116

About the team

  • Rhace  <span class="nick-name">"URMAKER"</span> Akers
    Rhace "URMAKER" Akers
    Name: Rhace "Ur_Maker" LEAD TRAINER at SPAULDING PLAZA Month/Year of hire: August 2014 Favorite round and why: Round 5. It's the midway point and a very versatile bag that allows you to work all sorts of different angles and drills.  Great trainer because; I am dedicated to what I do and I find it easy to connect with people (members) and make them feel comfortable and welcome. I can often help nudge members towards finding their own mental discipline to stay on track and not rely so much on how they feel any given day. Often the workouts you get the most out of are the ones you have to talk yourself into doing.  Background/uniqueness: My background is all over the place. I would say what makes me unique as a trainer is that I was once weighed about 100lbs more than I do now and started at 9R as a member in 2013.  Hobbies: Woodworking and board games are my favorite things to do outside of 9Round.
  • KYLEE AND ANTHONY <span class="nick-name">"HURRICANE AND A-TRAIN"</span> HUDSON
  • Maddie <span class="nick-name">"MMann"</span> Mann
    Maddie "MMann" Mann
    Maddie Mann Certified 9Round Trainer since August 2017 Favorite Round: Round 8 because I like learning different ways to hit the bag. Great Trainer: I'm a great trainer because of my positive mentality, high energy, and my ability to modify workouts for members who injured or prohibited from doing certain movements. Background/Unique: I played soccer for 15 years and am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree. I hope to go to medical school and someday become a doctor. I am unique because I'm a homegrown trainer - I learned the 9Round system as a member and connected with it well, so I was offered the position. Hobbies: Playing soccer, spending time with friends and family, painting
  • Taylor <span class="nick-name">"Taydiggs"</span> Mattice
    Taylor "Taydiggs" Mattice
    Taylor Certified 9Round Trainer: November 2018, she transferred to Omaha from Minnesota. My Favorite Round is Round 6, I love how functional the heavy bags are. You can basically do any exercise on these! I also love round kicks, and these bags are my favorite place to do them. What makes me a good trainer? I love working on the hand pads with members and I love to teach 9Round techniques. I started as a 9Round member in 2017 and fell in love with it. I want to spread that passion and excitement I have for the 9Round workout to new members, so they love it as much as I do! I bring my extensive experience with fitness as a softball player for 17 years, and a softball coach as well. This gave me a very strong work ethic and the ability to push myself, and others to their limits. I LOVE challenging people and pushing them to do their best, and you will no doubt experience that when we have some fun on the hand pas during your 30 minute workouts.
  • Bryan  <span class="nick-name">"Killa-B"</span> Paul
    Bryan "Killa-B" Paul
    Bryan Certified 9Round Trainer August 2018 with 9Round Omaha My favorite round is round 3, because its the first time you get to put on gloves and you're nice and fresh and can still use skill, precision, accuracy and technique that will help lead to better form for the duration of the workout. What makes me a great trainer is that I love to train. People can tell, because I build connections and trust with them and I'm genuinely excited and proud to see their progress. So..pride in my job and also always doing my best to keep it as fun as possible. What makes me unique is that I have knack for form and teaching technique, so to not only give them a safe and effective workout, but to teach them something they can take with them after. Knowledge. Confidence. Its honestly astonishing how fast everyone picks up what I show them and makes me, again, very proud. My hobbies besides martial arts (thats really #1) include: ultimate frisbee, riding my motorcycle, snowboarding, longboarding, biking and camping.
  • Sean <span class="nick-name">"Morpheus"</span> Westbrook
    Sean "Morpheus" Westbrook
    Sean "Morpheus" Westbrook Certified 9Round Trainer : September 2018
  • Jonah <span class="nick-name">"Swifthands"</span> Roberts
    Jonah "Swifthands" Roberts
    Jonah "Swifthands" Roberts LEAD TRAINER at Wright Street: Certified 9Round trainer since December 2016 Favorite Round is Round 3, because is teaches hand eye coordination. I am a great trainer because I teach something new everyday and I make the impossible possible one step at a time. I am a Muay Thai Fighter and I am karate kid. Hobbies: I am into realistic art work and painting