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How important is Fitness to You?

uyenWe are constantly busy regardless of what roles we play in life. I am at work from 9-5 pm five days a week, a part-time student, full-time mother, and I try to cook and clean throughout the week. We all have different kinds of schedules but one thing in common. We are constantly busy. You leave work to go pick up kids from school or daycare, rush home to prepare dinner, and as you’re preparing dinner you forgot to stop at the grocery store to buy an ingredient you needed to make your meal. Not only is dinner now delayed, but so is bath time for the kids. The little time you had for yourself before hitting the sheets is shortened but regardless, you were able to get them done. I know it is so frustrating when things unexpectedly come up, but we adjust to the changes. Now the question is, if we are able to adjust to those unexpected situations then why can’t we “adjust” our lifestyle and make fitness an important role?

I am constantly on the go physically and mentally, but I have chosen to stay active. Here are some tips that have helped me stay on track:

  1. Set a Schedule: During the weekend I create a schedule for the upcoming week (For example: Monday- 9Round workout @ 12:30 pm during lunch break, Wednesday- 9Round workout @ 5 pm after work… and so on.) *During my lunch break I always make sure to snack on something prior to my workout… remember, it’s only 30 minutes!

  2. Pack Your Gym Clothes: I pack my gym clothes every morning right before I leave for work

*I take it inside with me as a reminder so I have no excuse to skip my work out!

  1. Set your alarm an hour early (TWICE): There are some days that I decide to work out in the morning before I go to work, and I always set my alarm an hour early to make sure I get up

*If you’re the type to hit snooze on your phone, set one alarm for an hour early, and a second alarm for 20-30 minutes prior to that first alarm (It also wouldn’t hurt to create a name for your alarm with something motivational!)

  1. Be Positive! Always have a happy attitude throughout your day… it will create a positive environment for you.

*Going to a gym that provides an upbeat and fun workout will only boost your energy and attitude for the day 

Not only is having an active lifestyle beneficial to your body, it is also beneficial to your health as you get older. One of my favorite motivational quotes is, “Do something today that your self will thank you for in the future.” When you set goals and work hard to achieve those goals, you will be happy with the results! Remember, fitness should be considered an important role if your life. Don’t create excuses to prevent you from becoming a stronger, better you.