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How to Combine Strength Training and Cardio

How to Combine Strength Training and Cardio

Creating a training program can sometimes be confusing. You start to wonder when you should be lifting weights at the gym and when you should be doing cardio. Do you need two days of cardio a week and three days of strength training? What will give you optimum results? First, it is vital to know the importance of performing cardio and resistance training throughout your fitness routine. Once you are able to understand why your body needs these two components, I will tell you the secret on how to know which fitness routine is right for you. 


Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio is any exercise that raises your heart rate. When you are performing cardio, you are working your heart muscle and making it stronger. The benefits include: improved heart health, weight loss, better sleep, increased bone density and the list goes on! Cardio is also well known for burning calories and even elevates your metabolism after your workout is over. 


Strength Training 

Adding strength training to your workouts is a critical component to achieving your fitness goals. It will help you reach your fitness goals, whether you wish to slim down or gain muscle, by helping you lose weight and simultaneously strengthening and toning your body. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be. With a higher metabolism, you will burn more calories even while your body is at rest.


The Best Way to Combine Strength Training & Cardio  

The answer is pretty simple! 9Round. I know you are probably thinking, “How will 9Round provide all of this for me?” 9Round is a 30 Minute Kickboxing Fitness Gym that provides a full body workout. Yes, you read it correctly. The entire workout is only 30 minutes! There are no class times because it uses a circuit training format, meaning that a new workout starts every 3 minutes. The workout incorporates both cardiovascular and strength training by using high intensity interval training (HIIT), which will keep your heart rate elevated throughout each round. Round 1 and 2 will build your strength and stamina. You will use different types of equipment including a jump rope, dumbbells, medicine balls, etc. Rounds 3-8 provides a variety of bags for you to strike. Striking the bags incorporates resistance training and will help increase your hand eye coordination, speed and timing. Round 9 is dedicated to strengthening your core. Every exercise on this round will focus on getting those abs we all desire! I’m sure I had you at “30 minute workout,” but here are 9 reasons why this awesome workout is my “go to” for getting into shape! 

  1. It is fast, fun and effective!
  2. Every workout targets every muscle!
  3. A new station starts every 3 minutes!
  4. No class times! I can start my workout in 3 minutes or less. 
  5. I have a trainer that keeps me motivated every single time! 
  6. My workout will never be exactly the same every day. It continuously changes to make sure I do not get bored and works every muscle differently each time. 
  7. A Heart Rate Monitor is available to help measure my results. This nifty little monitor helps me keep track of my heart rate during my entire workout to make sure I stay in the “Fat Burning” zone. 
  8. By using the heart rate technology, I am able to see that I burn almost 500 calories! 
  9. Nutrition guide included. The second most important part of getting results along with regular exercise is eating properly. The nutrition guide will tell you everything you need to know about properly fueling your body! 

Don’t just take my word for it. Go to www.9Round.com to find a location near you, and get your first workout for free!