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3135 N Glassell St
Orange, California 92865


  • The trainers care about you and your well being.
    - Aug 15, 2019 by K.H.
  • Great place to workout at with exceptional motivating staff .
    - Aug 14, 2019 by D.M.
  • If I could give this score a 100 I would! This gym is awesome! Every day is a different workout, only 30 mins long and you leave a sweaty mess! The staff there is great which makes it even better! Love this gym and try to go as often as I can!
    - Aug 13, 2019 by Amy Christianson
  • Ability to show up just about any time.
    - Jul 27, 2019 by L.T.
  • 9Rounds is a great place to leave all worries at the door and get a good, fun workout. The trainers are amazing people wit integrity that I’m happy to not only call trainers but friends as well. 9rounds flexibility with no time frames is a plus as someone like myself who’s schedule varies one day to the next has plenty of options to work with and get my workout. At 9rounds you don’t repeat the same workouts everyday which is instrumental in working more of your muscles and not acclimating to the same routine.
    - Jul 18, 2019 by Elmer Castro
  • Everyday is always something different and I love the different trainers who are there to support every progress!
    - Jul 18, 2019 by T.T.
  • It's personalized, as they know who you are and motivate as they go. They give you personal attention and are all great trainers. The circuit is always changing so you don't get bored and it is a great and REAL workout!
    - Jun 27, 2019 by Elaine cali
  • It's a fast paced workout that gets your entire body going. And all in 30 minutes so you can squeeze it into any part of your day.
    - May 23, 2019 by A.M.
  • What I like about 9round is the routine is different from day to day, so everyday is a new challenge and you never get bored of your workout. Plus the trainers are also available all the time. Since 9round doesn't have a fixed class time, you can go in whenever you are available. If your schedule is flexible enough, you can go workout in less crowded time (late mornings or late afternoons) and you have the trainers available all to yourself, so it is like a personal training session with the price of a regular gym class.
    - May 22, 2019 by K.S.
  • 9Round gym has been fun and amazing place to work out . I like the fact there are no class schedule and I can walk in and work out anything . The trainers are amazing and very compassionate about my body and health...no shaming at all like other gyms. Joining this gym was a gift to myself I just wish I did it sooner .
    - May 9, 2019 by suad huerta
  • The trainers are all so helpful and it’s only a 30 minute workout! Win win!
    - May 9, 2019 by A.C.
  • You get good results from your workouts.
    - May 4, 2019 by E.P.
  • Don't have to show up at a certain time! It's a great full body workout!
    - May 1, 2019 by Sherry Wakely
  • I love 9Round! Flexible schedule. No class times and a quick but great workout. It’s like a family. Everyone knows my name and is so friendly. It works well with my work schedule and having two young kids! I highly recommend it!
    - Apr 24, 2019 by Kristen Hayden
  • Trainers & their motivation
    - Apr 13, 2019 by Irma Munguia Lopez
  • I really enjoy my work outs at 9Round Orange! The trainers are great - helpful, supportive, encouraging me to get better every day. Each round can be tailored to my ability, and it changes every day, which keeps it interesting and makes a great total body workout. And it’s fun!
    - Apr 10, 2019 by Kristine Macdonald
  • The trainers are the best and the workouts are always pushing me to try harder
    - Apr 8, 2019 by Michelle Narvaez
  • Constant changes in the rounds. Cleanliness and the motivational trainers.
    - Dec 12, 2018 by Norma Rodriguez
  • I really like the flexibility of being able to come in at any time. The trainers are excellent.
    - Dec 9, 2018 by M.L.
  • Love this place and the staff they are awesome!
    - Jun 20, 2018 by C.W.
  • The concept is efficient and gives maximum flexibility for all schedules. It's a solid workout that makes me feel like I am pushing myself and hopefully can get more results faster (still too soon to tell).
    - Jun 15, 2018 by F.K.
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable trainers who will customize 9 rounds to your workout level. This is an ideal way 4 me to maintain my need to exercise. I thank Sylvia who gives me lots of encouragement.
    - Jun 13, 2018 by vickey takeuchi
  • The trainers are awesome
    - May 22, 2018 by M.D.
  • Availability, the trainers, friendly/family like environment, no judgment zone!! Killer workouts and in only 30 minutes...I'm a busy mom with 3 kids so don't have too much time to devote to exercise but I can fit in 30 minutes a day of hardcore exercise...Love it!!
    - May 17, 2018 by Julie Castro
  • The traners are all supportive and helpful. They push just far enough to make sure getting the most out of your workout without pushing you too far that you feel down on yourself. I always feel great after my workout!
    - May 10, 2018 by Rebecca Justino
  • Uplifting, positive, high energy, friendly atmosphere. Loved that 9Round Orange welcomed me to work in an invigorating 30 min workout even tho I am a member elsewhere. Thank you!!
    - May 6, 2018 by Shoko Nelson
  • - it's small and intimate - Sylvia, Larry, Paolo (and the lady who's pregnant, not sure on her name) make sure I'm doing everything correctly, but at the same time make sure I'm not slacking off which I'm prone to - every day there are new exercises, so it doesn't get boring, and my body always has a challenging workout - up until a month or so ago, my only feedback was to extend the hours so that I can have enough time to workout if I get out of work late, but they extended it, so yay!
    - Apr 27, 2018 by C.P.
  • Motivational coaches
    - Apr 26, 2018 by R.H.
  • I love that it’s a 30 minute work and the trainers are always positive and motivate you throughout your workout.
    - Apr 25, 2018 by J.O.
  • New exercises everyday and only takes 30 minutes.
    - Apr 25, 2018 by R.T.
  • there is a trainer with you the whole time showing you what to do and encouraging you.
    - Apr 21, 2018 by M.B.
  • It’s intense. It’s personal. It’s quick. The trainers are great. My fellow members are cool . It’s the best way to start my day, every day.
    - Apr 11, 2018 by Michael Kelley
  • great workout - leave sweating...especially when Sylvia is there :)
    - Apr 11, 2018 by Chris Straub
  • Great work out and the team there is awesome and motivating%
    - Apr 9, 2018 by Janice Martin
  • The varied excercises and the supportive trainers.
    - Apr 7, 2018 by E.L.
  • It's a quick but very effective workout with great trainers who know how to keep you engaged and with the right form.
    - Apr 6, 2018 by A.L.
  • Staff so engaged and help you work out stronger, 1/2 hour in and out, hard and fun
    - Apr 5, 2018 by P.S.
  • Very knowledge trainer they are the best in 9 round
    - Apr 5, 2018 by R.X.
  • The trainers are terrific and it makes me motivated to work out and get moving.
    - Apr 4, 2018 by D.A.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly trainers create an awesome, fun workout environment anytime throughout the day! The times available for workouts, make it easy for anyone to take 30 minutes of their time to do a quick workout and help improve a healthier lifestyle.
    - Apr 4, 2018 by Z.M.
  • The flow of the workout is continues. The trainers are constantly working with you on form. The level of encouragement from the trainers is really awesome. 30 minutes flies by very quickly. You notice results very quickly. Anyone looking for a fun and challenging workout, this is it!
    - Apr 4, 2018 by Garrett Eastwood
  • I love the encouraging atmosphere! The trainers are so supportive throughout the whole work out! Also, I love knowing that I have a workout set up for me to do and that incorporates working out different muscles!
    - Apr 4, 2018 by Ashley Plandano
  • The best about 9Round They give me the best motivation To do always better Never have the same routine and most important, always have someone to help You to achieve the best result. Love it
    - Apr 3, 2018 by B.G.
  • the trainers are really enthusiastic and motivate you to push harder. I like that I can drop in anytime and not need to make an appointment, which means no excuses to not work out! the hours are very convenient too. I either come before work or after work, or I can sleep in and come in mid-morning too :)
    - Apr 2, 2018 by J.I.
  • I love that the workouts change daily and continue to challenge me. The trainers are excellent and always make sure I’m getting the most out of my workout. I love that there are no schedule times and that I can workout at my convenience. It seriously is the best workout for me. I’m a 9Rounder for LIFE!
    - Apr 2, 2018 by michele burke
  • Flexibility, a great workout in 30 minutes, the ability to stay longer as desired, my family can join me, feeling fit and strong again, great trainers, instruction as needed so I know what I’m doing, people of all fitness levels. Everything:) It’s awesome!
    - Apr 2, 2018 by K.M.
  • Everything! Down 20 pounds feeling strong and healthy!
    - Apr 2, 2018 by Sarah Solorio
  • I like the the workouts are different everyday and that there are trainers there to show you how to perform the exercises.
    - Aug 6, 2017 by A.B.
  • I cannot say enough about how awesome and helpful the staff are. Each and everyone of them are attentive, helpful, and encouraging. They definitely motivate you to push harder and I am grateful for that. The workouts are always changing and burn different areas each time! I always leave drenched, and i love it! Its an overall feel-good experience each time!
    - Aug 3, 2017 by K.H.
  • I love the variety of workouts and that it changes daily-I love that all levels can participate-I love that I can show up at ANYTIME and do a 30 minute workout that leaves me pleasantly sore ALL over in just 30 minutes!
    - Jul 27, 2017 by K.P.

About the team

  • Silvia <span class="nick-name">"Slugger"</span> Salgado
    Silvia "Slugger" Salgado
    I found something that worked for me and I want to share it with as many people as I can. It really is the best 30 minutes of the day.
  • Larry <span class="nick-name">"STRYKER"</span> Rojas
    Larry "STRYKER" Rojas
    As a 9Round certified trainer my main mission is helping members reach their fitness goals and helping them reach their full potential. I love the challenge of being a trainer and motivating members to keep pushing to reach their target self. Being a fitness enthusiast, I know how hard it is to stay fit and healthy and I love to steer people in the right direction through encouragement, motivation and leading by example. Playing college soccer has taught me to motivate myself and push myself out of my comfort zone and working at 9Round has giving me the mental and physical outlet to apply myself and keep pushing myself to reach my goals. As soon as my hand wraps come on, I’m focused, ready and pumped. I love the high energy in the gym and you can feel it as soon as you walk in. l look forward to every day I work at 9Round to help others and have fun while doing it. Larry "STRYKER” Rojas
  • Dennis <span class="nick-name">"One-Punch"</span> Gopez
    Dennis "One-Punch" Gopez
    "I love being a 9 Round trainer because it makes me happy to help other people reach their fitness goals. I strive to make the workouts fun and educational for our members. Also, I know that staying motivated can be tough, so I do my best to help our members set realistic goals and push them to step out of their comfort zone. So they can see those results for themselves and become happier and more self-confident."
  • Monica <span class="nick-name">"The Mayor "</span> Ornelas
    Monica "The Mayor " Ornelas
    I really enjoy being a 9Round trainer for many reasons. 9Round Orange welcomes our community to motivate and challenge your fitness goals. 9Round has definitely helped me fall in love with fitness, starting as a member to now as a trainer, keeping 9Round Orange a fun, productive, and enthusiastic environment is always a priority to me. Set your goals set your expectations and know we are always here to push you beyond your limits.