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Kickboxing to Lose Weight

One of the main advantages of a kickboxing fitness routine is being able to quickly tone your body. If you are wanting to lose weight and tone your entire body then kickboxing is the perfect way to reach this goal. By participating in this intense full body workout your main focus is on muscle toning and cardiovascular endurance. There are many kickboxing weight loss programs that incorporate techniques from boxing, martial arts and aerobics. By grouping all three of these techniques together, kickboxing can guarantee you an added boost to your weight loss program.


Major Calorie Burner

Kickboxing is an intense and vigorous fitness routine. You can expect to use a lot of energy during your sessions. The number of calories you actually burn during your routine varies, but it is based on many things, such as your intensity, how long you exercise and the type of exercises you are doing. The average person should expect to burn between six to eight hundred calories per hour. However, you need to remember you can only get out of a fitness routine what you put into it. So, you should always remain focused and motivate yourself to push harder.



The diversity in kickboxing is a major plus for most of us. Since it is derived from many different types of exercises, the routines are always changing. This can help you become less prone to boredom and likely to exercise more. There are so many different movements that you can combine into numerous unique combinations in your routines. The excitement of getting to hit, punch and kick a bag combined with not having to do the same thing day after day can help you stick with your fitness program. It can be advantageous to have a fitness routine that gets you excited compared to a fitness routine that you dread.


    Kickboxing is a fun form of physical activity that can help individuals stay fit and healthy. It is an effective way to get a full body workout from just one routine and accomplish your fitness goals. By engaging the participants in their workouts, kickboxing is able to make us push harder and work harder than we normally would. This gives us the results we want and makes kickboxing an effective weight loss program for all of us.