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1028 Florin Road
Sacramento, California 95831


  • 9Round trainers and members are inspiring and motivate me to be better every day.
    - Aug 22, 2019 by M.L.
  • 30 min work out starts every 3 min and the trainers
    - Aug 22, 2019 by R.W.
  • Nine Rounds is a great way to start my day
    - Aug 22, 2019 by A.S.
  • Always something different and trainers are knowledgeable
    - Aug 9, 2019 by A.F.
  • Flexible times and short high intensity workout!
    - Aug 9, 2019 by R.A.
  • Great workout and flexible schedule
    - Aug 7, 2019 by L.L.
  • I love the results that I'm getting, my trainer is amazing! he novitiate us & makes sure where doing the right workouts correct, i strongly recommen 9round kickboxing fitness!
    - Aug 3, 2019 by A.V.
  • 1) The enthusiastic and experienced trainers 2) Flexible gym schedule 3) Challenging, fun and condensed kick boxing exercises
    - Jul 28, 2019 by D.A.
  • I like that I don't have to expel so much mental energy pushing myself to work hard like I did in traditional gyms for two hours. I like that I don't have to plan my workouts for two hours. When I show up, the workouts are already set. I like that all I have to focus on are the 3 min rounds for a total workout, and I can do doubles and still be done in an hour.
    - Jul 23, 2019 by L.S.
  • The continuous encouragement from trainers to finish the 30 minute rounds..
    - Jul 15, 2019 by E.R.
  • The instructor is awesome! And the workout is extreme but doable!
    - Jul 7, 2019 by T.H.
  • I love working out at 9round on Pocket Greenhaven. Although I don’t live in the Neighborhood, but my kids go to school there and I work around there so it perfect location for me. I share my Funtime working out at 9round to friends and families whenever possible. All the trainers are very professional and friendly! The only thing that will make it perfect would be We members can get to work out at other 9round gyms when we’re out traveling for work. Phoebe
    - Jun 25, 2019 by P.L.
  • The morning trainers, Chris, Sean and Oakley have been awesome. They motivate and push you appropriately. The workout is tough and I love the 30 min aspect!
    - Jun 23, 2019 by V.V.
  • The trainers. Ethan and Cherish make my day everytime I'm in. It feels good going in and giveing the most when the trainers know your name and work to build your skills by knowing your strengths and remembering who you are.
    - Jun 23, 2019 by A.P.
  • It’s a new workout every time I’m there! Plus, it always feels like I’m in and out. 9Round is a great way for people with busy schedules to stay active. Staff here are awesome, as well!
    - Jun 8, 2019 by R.P.
  • I love how the workouts are different everyday.
    - May 24, 2019 by D.A.
  • It’s personal. Everyone knows my name and what I’m capable of. The trainers encourage me to be better than I think I can be.
    - May 21, 2019 by M.L.
  • The trainers are great when teaching and make me great when arriving at the gym
    - May 10, 2019 by L.S.
  • I love the positive and inviting environment! Workouts are unique and change frequently so there’s no fear of boredom and the personal trainers are upbeat and encouraging. What’s not to love?!
    - Apr 13, 2019 by B.C.
  • It's a great way to challenge yourself and to release a lot of stress while getting fit!! Chris R. is my favorite trainer...have to try it
    - Apr 6, 2019 by C.R.
  • It’s an intense workout but only 30 minutes so it’s bearable. I love that the trainers show you what do and also encourage you along the way.
    - Apr 3, 2019 by C.M.
  • How friendly everyone is, and how they push you to do better.
    - Apr 1, 2019 by S.F.
  • Love the encouragement from the trainers and the location!!
    - Mar 31, 2019 by T.F.
  • Ethan and Sean are great trainers. Keep it up!
    - Mar 27, 2019 by M.L.
  • Clean facility with trainer guided quick and fun 30 minute boxing workout routine.
    - Mar 25, 2019 by T.W.W.
  • Best 30 minutes ever! It’s high intensity, the trainers are very energetic and push/support you every punch and kick along the way.
    - Mar 24, 2019 by A.G.
  • This was my first experience working out in over two years. They cheered me on and even texted me after telling me I did well and keep it up!
    - Mar 23, 2019 by J.H.
  • Effective workout in a short amount of time!
    - Mar 23, 2019 by V.V.
  • Fast workout and great supportive trainers
    - Mar 23, 2019 by A.P.
  • It is a super fun workout. Tough, but a lot of fun!!
    - Mar 23, 2019 by A.P.
  • It was great and very encouraging, I can’t wait to get started.
    - Mar 22, 2019 by R.R.

About the team

  • Cherish <span class="nick-name">"LuvTap"</span> Bruce
    Cherish "LuvTap" Bruce
    I have a passion for helping others become the best version of themselves. Favorite exercise - Push up Favorite quote - "Do or do not, there is no try."
  • Oaky <span class="nick-name">"Oak Dawg"</span> Guerrero
    Oaky "Oak Dawg" Guerrero
    9Round Trainer- I am a former football player, wrestler, track star and soccer player. I have a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and developed a group fitness at Sac State. I want to help people enhance their well-being through fitness and proper nutrition. As well as educate others on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I want to optimize your workout performance by focusing on injury prevention by teaching proper mechanics. Favorite Exercise: Dead-lift and Pull-ups. Favorite Quote: "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful!"
  • Sean <span class="nick-name">"Maverick"</span> Maganito
    Sean "Maverick" Maganito
    Hi, I’m Sean “Maverick” Moore, a certified 9Round Trainer. I’ve always played sports my entire life, but within the last 7 years have focused on my fitness journey. Working in the health industry for 17 years, I’ve always had a passion for helping people. As a trainer, I look forward to have the opportunity to help motivate the Sacramento community to do their best and help others change their lives through achieving their fitness goals. Favorite Workout: Bench press and squats “Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.” - Muhammad Ali