Meet Your "Lemon-Lime" Challenge Winner!

Written by Keba Arnold, Mar 10, 2018


The Lemon-Lime Challenge Winner…

Bry "Frizz" joined the 9Round Natomas Family in August 2017. From day 1, Bry walked in determined and ready to work her hardest to reach her fitness goals. Bry quickly became one of our regulars, coming in 5 to 6 days a week. She sets high expectations for herself and never slacks while on the gym floor! She's also very personable; you'll find her chatting with her fellow members while waiting to start her workout or cooling down afterward. When Bry heard about the 'Lemon-Lime' challenge, she was game!

So what was this PULSE Heart Rate Challenge all about: the member with the most time spent in the green and yellow zones, throughout the 3-week challenge, won! At 9Round, there are 5 Heart Rate zones: Gray (resting), Blue (warm-up) Green and Yellow (Fat Burning Zone) and Red (approaching or at max heart rate).

As the Winner of the ‘Lemon-Lime’ Challenge, Bry had a choice of prizes: $50 OFF her March monthly dues or the ‘special prize’!
You must earn these gloves; they are not for sale at 9Round Natomas. They are the sign of hard work and dedication…and a whole lot of punching and kicking!
Think of it as a championship trophy or belt, it truly means something!

There are only 3 other members with these gloves!
Congratulations Frizz!! You earned it!

Let’s hear from the Winner in her own words:

What was your favorite part of the challenge?  "The fact that you included GREEN in this challenge :) and the fact that you put a 'cap' on how many times people could go around.  Having that cap gave me a chance, and also more motivation to stick it out."

For Bry this challenge certainly wasn't easy! "I noticed that I was having a harder time staying in the green (because, let's be real, anyone who knows me, knows I rarely get in the yellow), and so I was now working even harder just to keep myself in the green!  Once I stopped moving, my heart rate would drop to the blue within was frustrating at times."

Overall, Bry had a lot of fun competing and even surprised herself!  "Seeing a lot of the members more often, getting to know them better, and having them cheer me on was a lot of fun.  Also, knowing that the trainers were there to help keep my heart rate up was fun, too.  They came up with some pretty crazy combos to keep me in the green, or to try to get me in the yellow!  The fact that I got myself to the gym 22 days in a row was pretty amazing.  My knees were killing me by the end of the challenge!"

How does 9Round Natomas compare to other gyms? "9Round is like having a personal training session, but for a fraction of the price.  You come in to a new workout every day, and the trainers push you to your limits.  The gym isn't super big, so the trainers that are working, are watching you and making sure you are pushing yourself.  I never get bored with the workouts, because they are always changing.  Within my first week of joining, every single trainer knew me by name, and that made me feel so much more comfortable as a new member.  This gym truly is like no other, and you will feel so good after each workout you finish.  It never gets easier, but it definitely gets better!"

What’s the significance of your Fighter Name "Frizz"? "I chose my fighter name because of my curly hair.  Growing up, I didn't always know how to handle all of my curls, and my friends would make fun of it at times.  I had a lot longer hair when I was a kid (down to my butt), and since it was curly, the weight of the length would weigh my curls down and it would look more poofy than curly (picture my hair looking like a lion' joke!), which is how the nickname Frizz came about.  I think my friends thought that I would disapprove of the nickname, but I just owned it.  They stopped calling me it after a while, but it stuck with me.  If I ever have to use a nickname for anything, I have always used Frizz, or some variation."