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Need a reason to kick box? Justin Bieber and his posse are waiting...


In case you haven't noticed, Justin Bieber has turned into a holy terror. You never know when he and his body guards are going to strike again. On top of that he is working on his hands with a few of the best ever.


This is just another great reason to try kick boxing.

When I started kick boxing, I was big into power lifting and eating 4000 calories a day to try and pack on as much mass as I could. I thought being in good shape meant that you could dead lift a Kia Rio. Boy was I wrong. By the time I finished my workout I had to crawl out the door. Once I came too out of my post workout haze, I was hooked. On top of that, it's the best stress reliever ever.


There's nothing like having an awful day and then unleashing the fury in the gym. The best workout I ever had came after my dog used the bathroom in the floor, my cat decided my bathroom counter would be an ideal place to throw up, my usual 25 minute trek to work took almost an hour, and it was the day to make my student loan payments.


I had a catharsis on the wrecking ball bag. When I was done, I almost forgot why I had been so stressed when I got there. Besides the day my ducks were born, I rank the end of that workout as one of the greatest moments of my adult life.


Learning how to punch and kick the right way really gives you a whole different level of confidence when you are walking through a dark parking lot frantically searching for your long lost car. It's so much easier to walk through 18 rows of cars when you aren't worried about somebody popping out at you and breaking into "Beat It" by Michael Jackson.


So if you see a ridiculously overpriced car speeding through your neighbor hood with "Baby, baby, baby, ooooo" blaring on the speakers, have no fear. Not only can you tell the Biebs to slow down, but you can go all Keyshawn Johnson on him.