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Confession: The Exercise I Used to Think Was Impossible

Heather Hudson

There comes a day when you are working out and you realize that something you used to think was pretty challenging has become easy…yes, easy. This is not an urban legend!

It is very important to try not to get discouraged about the exercises that we can’t do yet. If you can just take a deep breath and know that every fit person started at a place where they could not do SOMETHING, you can calm your mind. Your mind will get the better of you if you let it, and not in a good way! If you find yourself depressed or discouraged that you’re goal exercise isn’t happening, turn that frustration around into your motivator.

This is not an opinion: it’s A FACT that if you consistently keep after one particular exercise in your fitness routine, you will eventually get strong enough to do it. It’s just science. Muscles get stronger if you keep pushing them.

What’s the hardest thing for you? It could be push-ups on your toes, burpees, planks…etc.

My own fitness journey has been the rewarding addiction to seeing myself be able to do things I thought were impossible for little ol’ me.

My first nemesis was simply lunges holding two 10 lbs weights. No lie. I thought that was so advanced that only a freak of nature could do such a thing. Funny.

My mind was so limited then!

Of course, that was 12 years ago and many pounds heavier, but I make sure I never forget it, because every day I meet people who are just starting their fitness routine and are feeling the same way.

I also struggled a LOT with jumping rope. I just felt so HEAVY. I was so envious of people who could lightly bounce along for 3 minutes. It silently killed me inside!

So, what does this mean for YOU?

Once you can do an exercise you need to challenge yourself a little more. The body actually adapts very quickly (it loses it quickly too, so don’t forget that. Stay consistent.) Personally, I’ve noticed that just a few weeks of consistently focusing intently on any one certain exercise and I see an increase in strength. That being said, you should never “settle” on the fact that you can ‘get by’ doing an exercise, but rather, always be seeking improvement. The human mind was made for the desire to expand.

DID YOU KNOW? Humans are pre-programmed for a burning desire to be greater and greater, so don’t resist that impulse. Use it, and never stop bettering your best! This is actually an amazing LIFE LESSON, but for the sake of this discussion let’s stay focused on just the fitness aspect.

So, take the BURPEES as an example:

Goal 1: Just get through the dang thing. Bridge.. pop feet out together… pop feet back… up and jump.

Goal 2: Add a push up each time.

Goal 3: Focus on perfect form every time: neutral neck, hips level (not up or down) on the bridge, and abs are held tight.

Goal 4: Focus on perfect form in the squat jump portion: meaning, chest out, not rounding the back and holding your abs tight right before you come up for the jump. (Try this, it’s harder than it sounds. )

Goal 5: All the above down pat? Add a jump TUCK rather than just a jump, you BEAST!

That’s quite a few levels of improvement you can do for just one exercise.

To do all these things though, your mind must be engaged, and you are the only person who can know if you’re doing these things. So, you must have discipline. Each of these goals will feel challenging at the beginning, and then magically one day, you’re ready for the next challenge.

This is what I love about fitness. You never outgrow it. It’s a way of life.

You get out what you put in.

I’m addicted and proud.

See you in 9Round everyone!