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How to Get Your Fitness Groove Back

You have been on the fast track to achieving your goals. You workout regularly, you are only eating the best foods, and your goals are within arm's reach. You feel as if you are on top of the world, and nothing can stop you. But, then it happens. Something comes up and throws your routine off track. Then we find ourselves skipping a few workouts and hitting the drive thrus for lunch and dinner. We have become a coach potato mindlessly flipping through the tv channels and telling ourselves tomorrow we will get things back together. We will stop eating junk and hit the gym, but tomorrow never seems to come. This has happened to most of us. We fall off the wagon and just need to find the right thing that will help us get back up. So, what can you do to get your fitness groove back? I am glad you asked. Here are a few things that can help you get off the couch and back into the gym.


  • Revisit your goals. The whole reason you started working out was to accomplish something. You need to look back on what you wanted to achieve and stick with it. You need to wake up with the mindset that you are going to get one step closer to your goal today and act on it. You can write down a timeline for your goals on your calendar, set reminders on your phone or leave post it notes on your mirror. Anything you can do that keeps your goals fresh in your mind and helps you to stay motivated will help keep your fitness routine from stalling once again.

  • Evaluate yourself. If there was a personal reason behind your fitness routine stalling, then you need to pinpoint the exact reason and put an end to it. You need to try to keep your personal affairs out of the gym, or they will just revisit you once again and continuously wreak havoc on your fitness routine. So, do not let the stress of other parts of your life interfere with you achieving your fitness goals. Besides if you are stressed in your personal life or at your workplace, the best place for you to be is in the gym working off that stress in a healthy way instead of feeding those feelings while drinking wine on your couch staring blankly at your tv. So, get up and get motivated because you have goals to achieve.

  • Reassess your peers. What type of people are you associating with? Are they a good influence on you and your goals? If not, you may need to start hanging out with different people. The saying like attracts like applies here. If you hang out with inactive people, you are more likely to be inactive, but if you hang out with athletic people, then you will be more likely to get active and achieve your fitness goals. You may want to deny that others affect you, but a study performed by the University of California-Davis grouped college students with thirty randomly selected students and discovered that these students actually adopted the diet and exercise patterns of the least fit person in their groupings. This means that the company you keep can affect how you approach your fitness goals.

  • Mix it up a little. It can become boring doing the same thing over and over for days on end, and your fitness routine is no different. It is easy to lose focus when you are not excited about going to the gym or entirely engaged in your fitness routine. You need to look back and determine if this was the deciding factor in quitting your fitness routine. If it was, then it is time to seek out new things. Try a new fitness class, research a different type of fitness routine, buy a new fitness dvd or look for some different scenery. You may be surprised at how much adding a little something different to your routine can get you back into your groove and looking forward to working out.

This scenario has happened to most of us. In fact, a huge majority of us have fallen off the fitness wagon at some point in our lives. However, we have to remember that there are always going to be bumps along the road, and we will have to work hard to come up with creative ways to get over these bumps.