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8403 Colesville Rd and Second Ave
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910


  • 9Round is fun, challenging, and motivating! Joining 9Round has made me excited to work out!
    - Feb 8, 2019 by K.H.
  • It's quick and I get a great workout!
    - Feb 6, 2019 by W.O.
  • It's very intense and relaxing all at the same time. Motivating and helps relieve stress. Allows for good supportive environment. Matt and Chellis have been great! I've enjoyed the change in my workout routine which was getting boring and taking too long with my hectic work schedule.
    - Jan 6, 2019 by T.H.
  • 9R is a fantastic workout and the trainers are always incredibly supportive and motivating (Matt in Silver Spring is exemplary). The workouts are fun and always get me sweating by the end - 30 minutes is perfect. The challenge is the post workout clean-up. Without a dedicated locker room, with showers and such, it is a limitation for many of my friends who don't have access to a shower nearby after a workout. I don't believe the franchise is in the business of hosting a full locker room but that is what would bring my score up to a 10. Thanks for the great workouts! I am hooked, -Doug
    - Jan 4, 2019 by D.M.
  • It's fun and the trainers are really helpful and supportive! I feel really great after my workout.
    - Jan 3, 2019 by M.P.
  • 9Round is the most motivational, convenient, and fun workout I’ve found. I especially like that there are no class times because I’m able to jump in whenever I have a little free time and don’t have to schedule my day around it. I absolutely hate running but there’s none of that involved here and yet you still gain strength, endurance, and confidence. I can’t stop talking about 9Round to my friends and coworkers!
    - Dec 15, 2018 by D.W.
  • Since it was my first time at the gym, the trainer stayed with me and ensured I knew how to do each station properly.
    - Sep 23, 2018 by C.M.
  • My favorite thing about 9Round is that trainers get to know you and customize the workouts to push you!
    - Sep 23, 2018 by G.E.
  • The workouts are the perfect combination of quick and efficient.
    - Sep 21, 2018 by C.H.
  • The coaches/trainers are awesome at 9round Silver Spring. I also love the varied workouts and not being restricted to class times, but being able to come in anytime they're open and still receive personalized attention.
    - Sep 16, 2018 by C.B.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Chellis "La Temeraria" Garcia
    La Temeraria is Spanish for daredevil or adventuress and that, my friends, requires fitness! Fitness requires fun, and 9Round delivers on both. I spent 25+ years practicing law and raising a family. The frustration of trying to squeeze a fitness routine into that busy life, and my own need for trainers to motivate me, led me to opening my own 9Round gym. Kickboxing is empowering and there is no better fullbody workout. But consistency is the key to any fitness routine. With 9Round you only need to find three 30-minute blocks a week, with no specific class times. The fun workouts and our awesome trainers do the rest! This is the gym I wished for most of my working life. I love bringing it to you!
  • 9Round trainer
    Cedric "Turbo" Bryant
    I love working out and doing martial arts. My goal is to motivate members to work hard and strive to create and achieve their fitness goals.
  • 9Round trainer
    John "Qreed" Fulton
    A former University of Alabama football player, John moved into pharmaceutical sales after graduation. Like many of us, he felt the dismay of watching his fitness level ebb without a challenging workout regime in his life. Still a bundle of power and energy, John sought out 9Round to put his physical skills and love of fitness back on center stage. As a trainer, John understands how hard it can be to stay in shape when life and work take over. He also knows from experience that 9Round workouts are energizing, effective and fun. He loves helping others share that experience and meet their own fitness goals!
  • 9Round trainer
    Lex "One-Punch Man" Crisostomo
    Lex is a Special Police Officer and has been doing (FMA) Filipino Martial Arts and MMA for many years. He has taught Law Enforcement, Security, Civilians and other individuals in need of martial arts skills. He has also competed numerous times in FMA/MMA tournaments. With his wealth of experience, Lex appreciates 9Round standards of excellence. He excels at encouraging everyone who walks in to reach their fitness goals while maintaining an upbeat, energetic environment to help give that extra boost to finish strong with every round!
  • 9Round trainer
    Andre "Axe Man" Oxford
    Andre has a history of Taekwondo training, and a long-standing love of martial arts. Genuine and compassionate, Andre is an aspiring law student! Like all our trainers, Andre combines a love of fitness with a desire to help others learn about and achieve fitness for themselves. 9Round's focused 30 minute format and supportive environment makes that easy!
  • 9Round trainer
    Teresa "T-Bone" Garcia
    Pre-K teacher by day, awesome 9Round trainer by night. Teresa's passions in life are teaching and helping others become their best self. Teresa can break down difficult moves and make them achievable no matter your experience or fitness level. Hey, teachers excel at teaching! Being able to motivate others to achieve their fitness goals is her strength and the source of great happiness for Teresa.
  • 9Round trainer
    Corey "Ryder" Bendebba
    Corey joined 9Round Silver Spring after studying to become a personal trainer. The energy and fun of 9Round instantly won him over, as it does for so many of us. Corey loves helping people attain their goals and coaching them to the next step. His welcoming smile and patience can put anyone at ease. Learning with Corey is not just easy, it's fun too!