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Body Composition: What Is It Saying About Your Lifestyle?

Body Composition: What Is It Saying About Your Lifestyle?

I'm sure you have seen this great saying, "your body is a reflection of your lifestyle." This is about as true and as powerful as a statement can be. And we see examples of this each and every day.


For example, a while back, I was at a conference. Each morning, a buffet breakfast was provided. And as you can imagine, there were many available choices; everything from eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, fruit, bread, etc. In public settings like this, it's always interesting to observe the food choices of the individuals. As you can probably imagine, it was no puzzle whatsoever.


There were those individuals that chose to load their plate with a mound of sausage, bacon and eggs and in addition, a large glass of OJ. And then there was a very small handful of folks that chose egg whites, bagel w/ peanut butter and a small serving of fruit and a glass of water. Now, notice the operative word highlighted in these 2 descriptions, 'chose.' This was a conscious choice of these individuals.


With the food choice descriptions above, what do you think the body composition of these individuals was? Well, it was no puzzle either. Those that chose the massive amount of bacon, eggs & sausage were very much overweight and obese. The small few that chose the egg whites, bagel, peanut butter & fruit were light, lean & fit. This is just another great example of, 'your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.'


We can expand this statement to also read, 'your body is a reflection of your meal/snack choices.' Keep in mind; the above example has nothing to with one group being better than the other, not even close. Rather, this is just simply about the choices we make. And with that being said, we just have to be comfortable with the consequence of the choice we make. We can't complain about the consequence (overweight & obese), why? Reason being, it was our own choices that led to this consequence.


In summary, your body IS a reflection of your lifestyle. So, if we do not like the body composition we see in the mirror, we have 2 options (and complaining is not one of them). We can simply accept the consequences resulting from our choices and keep going down that path. Or, we can change our choices in order to change the results. Which option is right for you?


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year