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What 1,000 Push Ups Taught Me

Heather Hudson

I absolutely loved the 1,000 push up challenge and my office staff did as well. We encouraged each other and pushed through even on days we didn’t feel like it. It taught us all that we are stronger than we realized and that small short term goals can be just the boost you need to your confidence to create even bigger and better goals and dreams.

No one ever said, “Get out there and DREAM SMALL.”

Dream big. That’s it.

dream big


Are you setting goals that scare you? If not, then I guarantee you your goals are NOT big enough. Your goals should make you a little bit uncomfortable or else you are simply setting goals that keep you in your comfort zone.  Those kinds of goals don’t make you ‘grow’.  If the goal scares you a bit, that means it will require you to do something new and stretch yourself. (Hence the uncomfortable feeling.) And, that’s what you want!

A scary goal will force new behaviors. That will in turn force personal growth.

Personal growth is the elixir of life! Crave it. Don’t run from it. Learn to recognize the discomfort as growth. Then you will learn that not all pain is negative. Some of it is necessary and useful.

One of my favorite things each year is setting my goals for the next year. My husband and I always sit down together and do this. We actually keep a folder in our file cabinet with all our past years’ goals in it. We pull them all out each year and review them as well. (We review the current year’s goals several times in the current year as well.)

Reviewing year’s past goals is so much fun because you can see real growth. Sometimes when you see goals made three years ago they now seem really small to you.  It shows you how far you’ve come and how awesome you are now! There have always been a few goals that seem to fall to the side each year and if so, I ask myself: are they still important to me now? If they are, then I add them onto this new year! If they’re not so important to me anymore then it’s ok for me to leave it in the past!

We use two brackets to keep it easy: personal and business goals. Inside those two brackets you can break them down more if you wish. Keep it simple or you won’t enjoy doing this.

Write them down, make two copies. Put one in your planner or on your bedside table so you see it daily and one in your file cabinet for permanent keeping. Review them often and then of course at the beginning of each new year.

When we put goals down it’s the most exciting thing because we are usually pretty good at reaching them if they’re important enough to write down. Be committed to yourself and decide that you’re really serious about your goals when you write them. Keep pictures on your phone or screensaver that remind you and change them often so you don’t get ‘used’ to them. Keep it fresh and always on your mind. Feel the excitement of achieving the end result. Do something every month, week and day that brings you closer to that goal.

And remember, DREAM BIG.