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Why You Should Be Strength Training

It is important to mix up our fitness routines as often as possible. This can ensure that we do not become bored with doing the same fitness routine over and over; however, it also helps us see results faster. When we do the same fitness routine over and over our bodies become use to it. We do not need to put in as much energy as before; therefore, our results seem to disappear. However, you can add an extra boost to your fitness routines by adding in some strength or resistance training to help get you back on track to achieving your fitness goals. Here are some other reasons to consider adding strength training to your regular fitness routine.



  • Boost your metabolism. After a few fitness routines with some weight lifting most of us will notice an increase in our resting metabolic rate. This is mainly due to the fact that muscle burns more calories than fat; therefore, even if you are not exercising you are still burning more calories than before. Even this little bit of difference can add up in the long run, especially if you incorporate a well-balanced diet into the mix.

  • Tone your body. It does not matter if you want to tone your body or get all pumped up. Every weight lifting routine is different, and you can easily find one to meet your needs. Most of us are not trying to look like the Incredible Hulk, and the good news is that we can tone our bodies with weights and not have to look like a bodybuilder. So, do not let the common misconception that if you lift weights, you’ll look like a bodybuilder, stop you from getting the many benefits resistance training has to offer.

  • Stay injury free. A weight lifting routine can strengthen your body, which in turn can lower the risk of injuries during your fitness routine. Weight lifting not only strengthens your muscles but also focuses on strengthening your bones and the tendons and ligaments that offer support to our muscles. By strengthening different parts of your body, your body is better prepared to engage in a more strenuous fitness routine.

  • Get a feel good boost. Resistance training makes you feel better. Just like any other form of exercise, it can release those happy feeling endorphins into the body. This can give you a natural high making you happy and keeping anxiety at bay. You will also feel better about yourself when you look in a mirror. Being able to see how your body is changing for the better can make anyone feel better about themselves. You can also gain a sense of accomplishment by being able to do more reps or lift more weight than before.


It is easy to see why strength training is an important part of every fitness routine. It can increase our results and make them show up more quickly. It can make our bodies feel great. We will be stronger and more toned than we ever could have imagined. We will feel exhilarated inside and out.

What are some ways to add in strength training? Kettle bells, dumbbells, medicine balls and even bodyweight exercises (push ups, squats) work great! Hitting heavy bags (70-100 lb bags are resistance because your muscle contracts when it hits) are also in this category! One reason people don’t do resistance exercise is because they don’t know how easy it is to incorporate in their existing fitness routines and the awesome benefits. Once people find out the truth about strength training, they see how beneficial it can be, and they never look back, except to admire the view!