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Tips for Beginning a Kickboxing Fitness Routine

Kickboxing can be a fun and effective fitness routine; however, you need to stay focused and pay attention to your body to get the most out of this fitness routine and avoid any unnecessary injuries. It is better for you to start out with a trainer to help ensure that you do not overstep your boundaries and workout within your fitness level. At 9Round our certified trainers can help ensure that you are performing each move correctly and are staying within your correct fitness level. However, there are still some important factors you should take into consideration while performing this type of routine. Here are just a few tips to remember when you are practicing a kickboxing fitness routine.

Look for a personal trainer that teaches the basics

When you first begin your kickboxing journey it is important to find a trainer that teaches the basics. A trainer needs to  take their time explaining each move and drilling it over and over until you are completely comfortable with performing this particular move. You want to find an instructor with the right qualifications and certifications, and one that can thoroughly explain each move in a way that you can understand and easily follow. Most instructors will allow you to visit their gym before you sign up to ensure that they will be a good fit for you. At 9Round, we want you to have the chance to experience our routines before you commit to them. Your first workout is always on us. Our trainers want you to see how great we can lead you through your workout. They want to help you achieve your goals by ensuring that you are performing each move correctly and performing at your peak level.

Know your fitness level

Kickboxing can be an intense and fast-paced fitness routine. It is important that you know your limits and stay closely within these limits. It is important to push yourself to achieve the results you want, but if you are a beginner, you should always start out slowly and ease into any type of fitness program. You do not want to overdo it and injure yourself before you see any progress. At 9Round our trainers can adapt your fitness routine to ensure that you do not overexert yourself. We want you to achieve the results that you want, but we also want to ensure that you do not injure yourself. You need to condition your body to your routine, and in kickboxing you will be performing many moves that will workout and stretch muscles that you never knew you had. Our certified 9Round trainers know how to properly prepare and stretch your muscles for our intense and fast paced workouts, but it is also necessary for you to know your body and what you are capable of doing to avoid any injuries.

Do not overexert yourself

It is important not to overstep your boundaries to ensure that you do not overexert or injury yourself. Just because a class is an hour long does not mean you have to workout the entire hour. A 9Round kickboxing fitness routine consists of nine challenging stations that last for three minutes each; however, as a beginner we encourage you to take your time. If you feel as if you can not last for the full three minutes or need a break, then you can take that necessary break. Also, you do not need to feel any pressure to automatically complete all nine stations. Many newcomers do not finish all the stations. It is perfectly normal, and it is best to pay attention to your body when it says you are pushing yourself too hard. You do not want to slack off, but also you should never overexert yourself. If you need to take a breather then by all means take a rest, catch your breath and then feel free to jump right back in there once you have had the chance to catch your breath, of course.

I know many of you may think, you need to push yourself over the edge to achieve the results you want, but this is not true. Our 9Round trainers will motivate and push you to keep going, but we will never push you too far past your limits. We know that this kind of extreme fitness attitude can set many up for failure. They work themselves past their limits and injure themselves before they had a chance to experience any benefits from their fitness routine, and many of us would quit a fitness routine that injures us in the beginning. At 9Round, we want you to achieve your fitness goals and will do whatever we can to help you reach your dreams. We know that In order for you to stay true to your fitness routine, you need to stay true to yourself by listening to your body and finding what will specifically work for you.