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How to Get a Full Body Workout in Only Thirty Minutes

    There are many reasons to choose a kickboxing routine as your go-to fitness routine. It is the perfect way to burn fat and lose weight for the beginning of bikini season. Kickboxing gives you a full body workout in one routine because every one of your muscles are engaged in this fitness routine. You can target different problem areas, such as your arms, abs, butt and legs in just one workout. The average kickboxing fitness routines can burn around five hundred to eight hundred calories per hour. By incorporating the whole body, you can burn the maximum amount of calories per workout allowing you to achieve the results you want quickly. Through the many kicks and punches, you can get just a little bit closer to achieving the body you crave.

A 9Round fitness routine

At 9Round Fitness we offer our clients a proven kickboxing fitness routine that is guaranteed to give them the results they want. A 9Round kickboxing fitness routine only lasts for thirty minutes. Our clients can achieve a full body workout in only thirty minutes. Each 9Round fitness routine works every muscle in your body simultaneously, with no complicated machines or complex aerobic routines. It is a simple and all consuming workout that can be tailored to you to help you achieve the results that you need. 9Round prides itself on helping our clients achieve their fitness goals quickly, and it is one of our greatest pleasures to see our clients succeed. We want our clients to have fun and enjoy their workouts to keep them engaged and interested in getting fit. It can also help you get through your workout because if you are more involved and enjoying your workout, the thirty minutes will be over before you even know it.

    Kickboxing is an intense workout that burns a lot of calories. It is a great way to stay fit and have some fun while getting healthy. This total body workout that can increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength all while listening to your favorite dance mixes. Is there any wonder why it is gaining such popularity in the US? This fitness routine seems to do it all and even keeps you interested and involved in your workout. It is a workout that pulls you in and allows you to actually surpass all of your preset fitness goals. If you want to learn more about a 9Round fitness routine feel free to visit the 9Round website.