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9 Survival Tips for Thanksgiving + Bonus Workout!

Heather Hudson

1-Eat breakfast

Many people "save up the calories" by skipping meals all day. This guarantees that you’ll be even hungrier by the time the big feast rolls around, guaranteeing overindulgence! Don’t skip breakfast.

2-Eat snacks

Again, make sure that after breakfast you’re eating snacks and meals every 3 hours until the big meal.  Skipping any snack or meal is only setting you up to gorge later. Keep your metabolism high by eating small meals all day just like any other day. This way, your appetite when it’s time to carve the turkey is a “normal” appetite, not an out of control one.

3-Drink water with each meal/snack

As usual, drink a full glass of water with every meal and snack all day to ensure that you aren’t dehydrated, which is often confused for hunger.

4-Go through the buffet line twice

Say what? What I mean is, go through once without your plate. See what’s available. Pick your absolute favorite foods. Don’t fill your plate with any food you don’t LOVE and dream about all year. Then, go back and put just your favs on the plate.

5-Watch portions and skip seconds

Just have one nice plate of your favs, but don’t go back for seconds. This will leave you sluggish and uncomfortable.

6-Drink water during the meal

Opt for water as your beverage during the meal and save yourself another several hundred calories.

7-Don’t take home leftovers

Without seeming ungrateful, leave all the food where you found it. Leftovers keep the overindulgence going for days and days. This is what derails people’s progress.

8-Make a goal to get active later

If you plan to do something outdoors with the family like a bonfire, a walk, or traditional family football in the yard, then you  won’t want to feel ‘heavy’ and that goal will keep you mindful of how much you consume.

9-Keep Calm and do the “Morning of Thanksgiving” workout before any festivities get started:

Since most gyms are closed on Thanksgiving, don’t skip some type of morning activity! If you don’t do it first thing, you probably won’t do it at all, so make sure you make it your priority that morning.

Here’s a metabolism boosting 9 minute workout for Thanksgiving morning:

Get your timer out and do 1 MINUTE OF EACH:

Push Ups

Squat Hops

V Ups

Mountain Climbers


Bridge Cross Toe Touches

Tricep Dips

Side Lunges

Flutter Kicks

For a quick explanation of each exercise, click below.

9 Minute Thanksgiving Workout

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Gobble, gobble!!