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Are you making this kickboxing workout mistake?

Drew Brashier

The other day someone asked me:

“Do people usually get where they want to be and then back off and not workout as much?”

This made me start to think…..   I started to think about people I have worked with over the years.  I started to think about how many of them I have seen go through ups and downs in their fitness journey.  Being asked this question made me realize why I have seen so much of this.


I think the answer to the question is definitely YES!


I think that one mistake many of us tend to make, is to see our goals as a finish line.  We look at it like a race.  We are willing to go all out and make our “short term” sacrifices to get to the end as quickly as we can.  Once we are there we are always so proud…and relieved.  We start posting our before and after pictures on facebook, we start putting all of those annoying “selfies” on instagram, and we start talking all about how this new workout routine changed our lives.


The problem is that somewhere in our subconscious we have reached the finish line.  We have reached our goal so now it is ok to back off and take it a little easier.  We feel like it’s  fine if we skip just one or two workouts.  We convince ourselves that chili cheese fries once a week really isn’t a big deal, and before we know it we have started to back track.

I’m not pointing fingers…. The truth is that I have done the same thing myself.  It is an easy trap to fall into.  But I have a simple solution to the problem




You can’t just stop when you reach one milestone.  As human beings, we should all be striving for continual improvement.  It is ok to be happy with what you have achieved, but don’t let yourself be satisfied.  Always give yourself something to strive for.

Don’t think of your journey as a sprint, but more of a marathon.  Start a routine that you can maintain long term.  Don’t go so hard that you feel like you need a “break” when your goal has been reached.  When you have reached your goal, pat yourself on the back, go buy yourself some new pants, and get back in the gym.



When you have reached your goal, set a new one and keep on trucking…………