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Athletes and 9Round Fitness Circuit & Kickboxing

Justin Hammerstrom

At 9round, many of our trainers are active coaches or former coaches. I was a High School wrestling coach for many years. I have noticed many High School athletes reaping the benefits from using the 9round workout system, keeping them sharp in the off-season. The 9Round Workout changes everyday much like a Softball or Wrestling practice.

So many times I would hear from athletes that they plan to workout in the off-season. With lack of structure they often would goof off and TEXT instead of train. The 9Round Circuit Workout is a great solution to this issue. A 9Round trainer is always in the trenches with our members keeping them focused on fitness goals.Our circuit hits every muscle including the core making it a perfect fit for athletes to cross train.

Another thing about off-season training is athletes get a chance to train with fellow athletes from different sports. This gives them a mutual respect for each others sport of passion. I remember how as a wrestler I would make light of my best buddy Jason Oster about how easy his Basketball practices looked. When he put me to task and had me do the practice I never minimized his practices again.

The 9round environment cultivates opportunities to meet other athletes with similar goals. Athletes are able to view first hand many different ways to achieve the common goal of becoming the best they can be.

In the BIG PICTURE athletes are learning good work ethic and more importantly learning how to lead by example. A great work ethic makes CHAMPS. Not only Champs in the ring or on the field. It makes CHAMPS in the game of life. Being fit=Being Happy. When people are fit and happy success in the classroom becomes easier to achieve.

Nutrition is a HUGE piece to the puzzle also. 9Round has this piece. All of our memberships include an online nutrition program with Dr. Rick Kattouf one of the top nutritionist in the country, and a super athlete.

Eating healthy is very easy to do. You need to train yourself to eat healthy and the sooner the better. You can teach an old dog new tricks but it is so much easier to teach a new dog the the best tricks to have with them forever.

So to sum it all up the KEY to SUCCESS is to get in shape stay happy and put great fuel in our bodies.It is all connected and leads to SUCCESS. So get into 9Round get fit and happy and eat good stuff. Tommorow STARTS TODAY. We have a great Summer program going on come in check us out for a FREE workout. Thanks for reading, -Justin