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Be a Better YOU – Not a Celebrity Look Alike

Walk off Body Fat in 5 Days!”

Get Flat Abs in 2 Weeks!”

Bikini Ready in 7 Days!”

The 8-Hour Diet!”

How many of you quickly pick up a magazine with those headlines while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store? – Don’t worry, it gets me EVERYtime too.


I find it very sad that we compare our bodies and how we want to look to the celebrities out there today. Kim Kardashian just gave birth to a baby girl, and all of the sudden she’s on the cover of every magazine looking like she was never even pregnant. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but how about the average mother who has recently given birth and doesn’t have the money and time for a trainer seven days a week for however many hours and can’t afford a day time nanny on top of all that? It’s just not as easy for us as it is for them!

I’m sure a lot of women love reading all these articles about how these celebrities get that “butt” they have always wanted, or “abs within 5 days,” but we need to set some realistic goals.

One of the many things I remember learning in my management class is how “SMART” goals should be set. This is a great way to set any type of goal, not just management goals.

S- Specific (know what it is exactly that you wish to accomplish)

M- Measurable (keeping track of progress gives incentive to keep going)

A- Attainable (challenging goals within ability to achieve outcomes)

R- Relevant (identify goals that are most important to you)

T- Time Bound (give yourself a reasonable time)

So ask yourself when you are reading these headlines, are they actually SMART goals?

If we try to become what we are reading in the magazines, we become discouraged when we aren’t getting the results we had expected, especially within such a short amount of time!

Now I’m not saying that magazines have no useful information or that all of the articles are lies. Some of the articles provide great nutritional tips and show us exercises that you will see 9Round members doing in their workout routines, but you should strive to be a better you, not a Shakira look alike.

At 9Round, they don’t promise you the body of someone else’s, they promise to empower you to achieve YOUR physical fitness goals, 9ROUNDS AT A TIME.

If you want to find out ways to get fit and stay healthy, the best way to find out is by hearing REAL stories, reading about a busy mother of three and how she finds the time to be fit, hearing weight loss stories about REAL women who are members at REAL gyms!

Come to 9Round and try your first free work out. Experience the amazing work out, and you will be surprised of how strong of a person you really are. You will feel a step closer to reaching those fitness goals. Let the trainers inform you of everything they have to offer –

Trainer at all times, different work outs every day, FULL BODY work out in 30 minutes, and a nutritional guide to help you along the way.

If you want to read REAL stories, log onto the 9Round website, and read about how many lives their work out has changed.