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Hop Onto The "No Regrets" Trail

Hop Onto The "No Regrets" Trail

It's Easter time and for many, that means getting together with family and friends. As with many holidays and family gatherings, this can, unfortunately, put a dent in one's nutrition and fitness routine. This does not have to be your reality. During these times you may be busier than normal, traveling more than normal, etc. But again, this does not mean your nutrition and fitness has to take a hit. Let's hop onto the "no regrets" trail and enjoy the time together with family and friends without the regret of not working out, over eating, etc.


Let's first start with fitness. There is always a workout that you can do, no matter how limited your time may be. Okay, so you may be traveling, no problem. Here is a simple but effective workout you can do that does not require any equipment and can be done in a few minutes. Perform the following… 10-20 repetitions push-ups, 10-20 repetitions sit-ups, 10-20 repetitions squats or jump squats, 25 repetitions jumping jacks. Once you complete one set of each exercise, this is one round. Complete up to 9 rounds. Another great workout that you can do that does not require any equipment is 5-Round Fury Fitness®. This $.99 iPhone app will provide you with a new and unique, total body workout each time. Take a closer look at the 5-Round Fury Fitness® workout app


 Even if the workout you complete is shorter in duration than normal, it is still a great workout. And, there are no regrets when it comes to a completed workout. But, individuals always regret and kick themselves when they miss a workout. So, from a fitness perspective, let's hop onto that no regrets trail and get a workout in, no matter how limited your time during the Easter weekend.


Next, here's the game changer when it comes to "no regrets." I think most people would agree that fueling the body right and eating healthy feels great, both mentally and physically. I've yet to hear someone say, " I regret feeling this good and this amazing and I regret having this much energy!"  Or, "I feel so good; I really should have overeaten yesterday so I could feel miserable."  Or, "I woke up this morning and felt terrific and had an amazing workout. I wish I would have drank more last night so that I could have felt miserable this morning with little to no energy; causing me to miss my workout." Right?


But, what is the common verbiage from individuals during holidays and family gatherings? Well, it typically goes something like this, "I ate way too much" Or, "I feel miserable" or, "I'm never going to eat again, I'm stuffed!" (As they plop down into the couch and fall asleep). I think you would agree that this is simply one regret after the next.  I realize individuals get caught up in certain patterns and behaviors. They go into these holidays knowing that they are going to overeat and feel miserable because this has been their pattern and behavior every year.


 The reality is this; we can enjoy these holidays more than ever without overindulging. Go back and reread those statements from above. None of those regret-statements scream, "this was fun!" Rather, they scream, "this was miserable." If you are ready to feel amazing during family gatherings and holidays, let's make it happen. Let's start to change our mindset, our patterns and our behaviors. Let's start to set the goal now. Take the focus off of over-eating and over-indulging and set laser-like focus on feeling amazing and having great energy. Having this focus will enable you to start changing your patterns and your behaviors.


In summary, the question you have to ask yourself is, "how do I want to feel later in the day and the next day following the family gathering?" If you choose to feel miserable, that's easy; just keep those same patterns and behaviors and it will lead you to overindulge, which will lead to many regrets. Or, you can set the focus now that you are going to hop on the "no regrets" trail and know that you're going to feel absolutely amazing during the holiday and beyond. It's pretty simple because feeling great, well, feels great. And feeling great will never bring about regret.


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year