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My toughest trainer yet….

Heather Hudson

I really wanted to spend some quality time with my son this week, and have a chance for him to ride his bike, get outside and breathe fresh air! Work can tend to keep me inside more than I want sometimes…I’m sure you too! So, the day was cloudy and I really wanted to take advantage of the fact that it wasn’t too hot! We went to the local school’s track and had great time. Jackson is a huge 9Round fan and knows Mommy loves working out, and it’s always a proud moment when he will emulate me and my husband by copying push-ups or squats. He’s a strong little guy too! (I like to think he gets that from his mother.) He has even told me he wants to do a “fun run” the next time I do a 5K.

Sometimes when you feel like no one’s watching, remember, our little guys and little girls are!

After losing my post-baby weight with 9Round and 9Round Nutrition, I’m really motivated to be a healthy example for both my children, (ages 13 and 6) and so yesterday, we ended up turning a little bike riding into a full on training session. I told Jackson that I would jog beside him (really a brisk walk) as he rode his bike and whenever he told me “GO!” I would stop and then either do 10 push- ups or 10 lunges (trainer’s choice), and he would keep riding. Then I had to catch up with him by sprinting. We did this for about one mile, and we had a fantastic time, making sure he hit every puddle with his bike along the way. 

Later, he asked me to switch places and let him get off his bike and do push-ups and I would keep going. Then, he ran to catch up with me. The fun is written on his face!

fitness-kickboxing2 fitness-kickboxing

The most beautiful part was when I said great workout and that we were finished, he said, “Let’s run one more lap!” Honestly, I had kind of already mentally “checked out” and really didn’t WANT to do another lap, but do you think I was going to tell that to my eager, encouraging little sweetheart? No way! We ran it together, and he ran it like a champ. What an inspiration. It’s in his blood…push people when they don’t want to do any more and show them their greatness! (Wonder where he gets THAT from?!)

In short, it wasn’t really a brutal workout by any stretch, and yet, the next day I was SORE! I was really surprised. I must have had more fun that I thought!

fitness-kickboxing-lastHonestly, it’s easy to forget you’re working out with this cutie pie looking back at you.

The same thing happens at 9Round Fitness, really. We make it so much fun that you can forget how hard you’re working! The mental aspect of exercise is so important.

I mean really, how effective can texting while on the elliptical machine be?!

Nothing against traditional weight loss machines, but…seriously? At 9Round we keep your mentality distracted in a GOOD way. One minute you’re toning your legs and arms, or lifting that booty and the next you’re down blasting that core and abs! Full body isn’t boring! It’s the only way to do it in my opinion, and so, Jackson and I created a 9Round-ISH workout together on the track this week. We were high fiving and sweating when we left.

I’m having the best time with him at this age, and if he wants to stay 6 forever, that might just be fine with me ;)

-Heather “The Hero” Hudson

“Are you LIVING, or just not dying?”