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Treat Your Body Like It Belongs to Someone You Love

Heather Hudson

If you had a sister, daughter or mother who felt uncomfortable in their own skin, would you tell them to stop being selfish and ignore it? I doubt anyone would ever do that! However, many people feel guilty taking time out of their schedules and devoting themselves to well, ….THEMSELVES, with a fitness routine. However, if you think of it as stated above, you quickly realize something: we would tell anyone we loved to go get healthy and fit, until they felt good in their skin but we might not do the same for ourselves! Why is that?

Bottom line, we often don’t love ourselves!

I feel like as a society, we are slowly moving towards changing this mass belief about ourselves by encouraging our children to have a healthy love for themselves, but we often forget in that process that we must lead by example and show our kids that we love ourselves first. My son loves to do impressions of people we know and he does them ‘spot on’! It’s very funny to watch. Thankfully, he is surrounded by healthy and responsible people and the behaviors he copies are: us working out or working on our business or just being plain silly, because we are VERY silly around here. If we were smokers, I would imagine he would ‘pretend to smoke’. You get the picture… Kids are sponges and they view anything surrounding them as normal and right. Make your daily habits healthy ones and your kids will absorb that being healthy is normal and right.

It’s more powerful to show than to tell. It’s more powerful to live it than to preach it.

“You can’t give what you don’t have. I find that statement extremely sobering. If you really want to teach your kids anything, you must have it yourself first.

We must eliminate the guilt associated with taking time out for our own fitness and health. A regular fitness routine and eating in a healthy way adds years to your life, and that is the best gift you could give any of your family members.

Another reason people often neglect their health is; they do not feel that they are worthy of it. Self-worth, or self-esteem is a deep feeling you have about yourself. If you aren’t feeling worthy of success, whether it be fitness or business or anything at all, this is something you should immediately try to begin changing! This process won’t happen overnight, and it will require an uncomfortable journey of self-study. Hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Studying yourself if the best ‘class’ you can ever take in life. It’s not a class that you’ll ever graduate from though! It never ends. But, it’s the only real way to improve, change, and constantly be evolving into your best YOU. You can’t help anyone by feeling bad about yourself and you can’t help anyone by stubbornly staying exactly the same as you’ve always been either. You must crave change and seek it out.

This will take you from good to great.