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3901 Providence Rd, Suite F
Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173


  • Pace Variety of workouts The fabulous instructors
    - Apr 19, 2019 by H.M.
  • The Atmosphere, and how you feel like it's a family there.
    - Apr 13, 2019 by Lori Hofmeister
  • Staff is experienced, helpful and patient. I feel that the exercises are effective. I like that routines are changed daily
    - Apr 10, 2019 by J.W.
  • Our trainers are great! The keep us motivated and make our workouts enjoyable.
    - Apr 7, 2019 by Brad Rufty
  • Having the flexibility to start a workout anytime throughout the day AND having your own personal trainer to encourage you as you have a new workout routine daily. It is THE best workout experience I have every had. You have to try it out....once you do, you will agree.
    - Apr 6, 2019 by J.C.
  • The trainers are great. Plus I like that I don’t have to ‘think’ too much because they explain everything. And the work out is hard!
    - Feb 6, 2019 by T.A.
  • The staff are awesome, always making me feel welcome. They have really become like my second family. I love 9round for the workouts, but even more so for the staff.
    - Feb 6, 2019 by McKenna Cunningham
  • 30 minute sweaty workout. I feel like I've done something. The trainers are always full of energy and engaging.
    - Oct 17, 2018 by D.B.
  • The trainers are great! They are friendly and helpful and yet still push me to my full potential and more.
    - Oct 11, 2018 by L.B.
  • The trainers and how they push you and encourage you. Being able to walk in anytime and not have a specific class to take. I love the quick but hard workout
    - Oct 11, 2018 by Traci Oles
  • Trainers pushing you as a group not singling individuals out.
    - Oct 6, 2018 by Steven Whitt
  • Intensity of the workout and engagement of the trainers.
    - Oct 6, 2018 by B.R.
  • The trainers and that you get a great workout in 30 min.
    - Oct 5, 2018 by Megann Marsalis
  • 9 Round trainers are amazing! Best workout I have ever had. Been a member for 1.5 yrs now and look forward to going each week (3-4 times per week).
    - Oct 5, 2018 by J.C.
  • Everyone is friendly and makes you feel comfortable
    - Oct 4, 2018 by Lori Hofmeister
  • The trainers modify exercise to accomodate my knees.
    - Sep 20, 2018 by T.C.
  • The staff, especially the owner Matt, are extremely friendly. Every time I walk into 9round they always make me feel welcome and like a part of the family. Matt is also very caring and willing to work with his customers who are going through a tough time. It truly is a great family environment, one that I am proud to be a part of. It isn’t just a gym with people trying to sell you stuff, much like many of the other gyms in the area. It’s a place where you feel safe and feel comfort knowing you are going to get a great workout and interact with great people.
    - Aug 2, 2018 by M.C.
  • I like to be physically challenged each and every visit, 9Round does not disappoint.
    - Jul 21, 2018 by Fred Clauhs
  • I love the trainers at 9R Waxhaw. They know my name and enthusiastically greet me as I walk in. The work out changes each day and nearly every workout I’m doing something I’ve never done before. My body and mind feel amazing afterwards! The trainers push and encourage you and the one on one trainer round is hard but so worth it. So glad my wife and I signed up!
    - Jul 21, 2018 by Grady Dodge
  • Everything! I love the flexibility on times to workout! No set times just show up and jump in on the next round. I love how the workouts always change and challenge me each and every time. The family atmosphere, welcoming you in and the awesome ownership and training! 9 rounds has helped me get to feeling like my old self again! Down 33 pounds in 3 1/2 months!!
    - Jul 13, 2018 by Brandon Childress
  • Quick in & out. Trainers are great.
    - Jul 7, 2018 by S.R.
  • The push from the trainers to help me get the best out of my workout. They are awesome.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by L.B.
  • It’s a different and challenging workout every day and having a trainer there to motivate you.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by M.M.
  • Competitive atmosphere without degrading individuals.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by Steven Whitt
  • Quality workouts in a friendly environment.
    - Jul 5, 2018 by B.B.
  • I like that it's only 30 minutes, or more if you would like, and it moves fast. The workout changes each day and the trainers are there to help or push you as needed.
    - Jul 4, 2018 by S.A.
  • It is the amazing trainers along with the variety of "limit-pushing" exercises! I love the experience along with the results.
    - Jul 4, 2018 by Jorge Cruz
  • I like that there is no class times. I can go in and start my 9Round and be done in 30 minutes (sometimes more if I'm feeling up to the challenge)! I love the variety of the workouts each day and the challenges they can bring. I look forward to the pad round and whatever the trainer has in store for me. I think it is truly one of the best workouts! I also have fun and that makes it even better!
    - Jul 3, 2018 by Christine Hofford
  • The friendly atmosphere and how the trainers push me to be better
    - Jul 3, 2018 by T.O.
  • Never bored! Moves like a boot camp and the trainers are awesome!
    - Jun 22, 2018 by E.T.
  • Matt and the staff are great! They know everyone by name and are very good at creating an excellent personal experience for each customer. Both of my teenage boys enjoy working out at 9Round in Waxhaw regularly. I appreciate that they motivate and challenge them positively!
    - Jun 21, 2018 by Isaac Ballesteros
  • We can go when it is convenient for our schedule and it is only 30 minutes to get in a great work out and you always leave sweating! Matt is great!
    - May 30, 2018 by Wendy Arner
  • The quickness of the full body work out and the positive environment that is there :)
    - May 30, 2018 by Tabatha Radley
  • I love how different every single workout is, and am impressed with how well the trainers know each client. They are always willing to go the extra mile to differentiate where needed. Trainers push you to work, but always kindly. The workouts are ALWAYS awesome!
    - May 6, 2018 by M.R.
  • The trainers at Waxhaw are wonderful! I tell everyone to just try it out and they will be hooked.
    - Apr 25, 2018 by B.G.
  • The flexibility of the workouts (no set time) and the motivation by the trainers.
    - Apr 18, 2018 by Alicia Tyson
  • I like being challenged each time I workout and I appreciate the variety of workouts-no two are the same.
    - Apr 18, 2018 by Fred Clauhs
  • With good instructors, getting a good workout in a shorter period of time. Also after a full work day it’s difficult to get the mojo to go for a jog/run but the option of 9Rounds is doable...I just show up and let the trainers do their thing Jim
    - Apr 14, 2018 by Jim Connell
  • Enjoy the variety of the workouts... not only from round to round but from day to day.
    - Apr 11, 2018 by D.C.
  • I love that I can go at anytime and that it's only 30 minutes. The flexibility is awesome!
    - Apr 11, 2018 by C.P.
  • I have been coming for almost 2 years and I love it! The staff and workouts are awesome! I dropped 60+ pounds!! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to change their life!
    - Apr 11, 2018 by Casey Crenshaw
  • Very welcoming atmosphere . Supportive owner and trainers not to forget the challenging always changing workout. It doesn’t hurt that there is never a line to use any equipment or get a trainer to model an excercise.
    - Apr 6, 2018 by Edwin Calderon
  • The trainers are wonderful and help keep you motivated and on track as well as caring about your health. I have only been there for a little less than a month and I feel like family there. I look forward to the awesome workouts and friendly faces.
    - Apr 5, 2018 by L.B.
  • 9Round in Waxhaw is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have always had gym memberships off and on but rarely did I get a workout like I do at 9round in just 30 minutes. Matt, the owner, and his staff of trainers keep me fixated on my goals and push me to keep increasing my strength and intensity. When I am done and I get the the workout summary (due to wearing their specialized monitor) I am always astonished on how many calories I have burned in just 30 minutes. It's usually around 500-600 calories....far more than I would have burned in a regular workout. Plus, by keeping tabs on the screen where my stats are while working out, I can make sure I am staying in the fat burning zone. So much easier than having to take my own pulse and do the calculations. Another thing I love about 9Round is I can arrive anytime during open hours and start my workout right away. There are no class times to wait for. Right after I check in and get my hand wraps on, I am put immediately onto one of the stations and get to work. My heart rate immediately revs up and I can already "feel the burn". The trainers always are encouraging and always keep me on the top of my game. I can now say I actually look forward to working out. Thanks 9Round!
    - Apr 4, 2018 by Ian Bailes
  • Energetic atmosphere and fantastic trainers. It isn't like your normal / every day gym where you run on a treadmill or lift weights. Myself, I got bored with that and didn't feel I was improving. At 9 Round, the routine(exercise) changes every day at each round, so you work every muscle. 9 Round you improve balance, stamina, strength, endurance and flexibility. The owner / Trainer and other trainers at the Waxhaw, NC 9 Round are fantastic!!
    - Apr 4, 2018 by B.S.
  • thorough, intense and convenient
    - Apr 4, 2018 by M.H.
  • I love that it's a personalized workout experience with trainers who push each individual to maximize their potential. They meet you where you are and challenge you to grow and improve.
    - Apr 3, 2018 by S.S.
  • Love our 9Round Waxhaw family!
    - Apr 2, 2018 by Megann Marsalis
  • I love the constant motivation during each round. Sometimes it is difficult to self-motivate, so it is a blessing to have the trainers continually encouraging us! I also love the ability to walk right in and begin. Not having to sign up for a class makes me schedule much easier. I'm able to work out 5 times a week because of it.
    - Apr 2, 2018 by Caroline Sweeter
  • I love that it can he done in 30 minutes but you can stay longer and do more rounds if I feel like it. I love that it works on my schedule. I love the owner and the other helpers at the Waxhaw, NC location. I love that each round is different every day so I don't get bored. I love that even when I've had medical restrictions, I'm still able to go and they will help me work around my restrictions so I can still get my workout in.
    - Apr 2, 2018 by Shawn Johnston

About the team

  • Rosy <span class="nick-name">"The Riveter"</span> Saldivar
    Rosy "The Riveter" Saldivar
    Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. National Academy of Sports and Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer, TRX certified, and most important fitness lover. My passion for fitness started 10 years ago, you name it, I probably did it! As a trainer my goal is to motivate others to achieve their fitness and health goals. Favorite exercise: burpees. Favorite quote: "You are your only limit".
  • Ryan <span class="nick-name">"Renegade"</span> Revier
    Ryan "Renegade" Revier
    I love to help others achieve their goals, former wrestler and college golfer, I work hard in the gym to be a better athlete out of it Favorite quote: Finish strong Favorite exercise: Iron cross
  • Micaylah <span class="nick-name">"M&amp;M 2"</span> Cunningham
    Micaylah "M&M 2" Cunningham
    I am a student at UNCC pursuing a Bachelors degree in Organizational Management. I have always enjoy martial arts and I have a purple belt in Karate. As a trainer, I want to encourage and motivate people to never give up. Favorite exercise: round kicks. Favorite quote: "Greatness is earned, not given".
  • Chris <span class="nick-name">"El Nacho"</span> DelGreco
    Chris "El Nacho" DelGreco
    Currently working in racing professionally, but have always had a passion for fitness and Martial Arts. I earned a black belt in Kenpo Karate at 14 years old, and I want to pass my knowledge of striking off to members. I enjoy pushing members past what they thought was their limit. Favorite exercise: Pad Round. Favorite quote: "Everyone has good days and everyone has bad moments, but it is how you handle them that matters most. Even champions lose rounds".
  • McKenna <span class="nick-name">"M&amp;M 1"</span> Cunningham
    McKenna "M&M 1" Cunningham
    Former student at UNCC working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Finance. I have always loved sports and fitness because I can achieve results that I never though possible. I enjoyed being a trainer and giving members a great workout where they can push themselves while having fun. Favorite exercise: speed bag. Favorite quote: "It always seems impossible until it's done" Nelson Mandela.

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