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Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173

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9Round Fitness
3901 Providence Rd, Suite F
Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173




9Round works because it includes everything you need: a full-body workout that’s fast, effective and fun… personal trainers to help you… and expert nutritional guidance. And it’s all based on the latest exercise and nutritional science.

ABOUT 9ROUND Waxhaw, NC - Providence Rd South

Come join the fun - every 3 minutes!! Wait. . . Join the fun?!?! Wasn't I just on a fitness website?!?! Isnt this a workout program?!?! What's fun about working out, sweating, and straining?!?! At 9Round Waxhaw the focus is on each and every one of our members having the best experience possible while working on their fitness goals and overall health 9 rounds at a time. As a matter of fact, that is the 9Round mission statement: Empowering our members to achieve their fitness goals 9Rounds a time! Your 9Round Waxhaw is focused on the member experience and we want you not only achieving your goals but enjoying yourself throughout. Our trainer is always included in the workout - yes, that's right no more paying for a trainer once a week. We are here for you every time you walk-in the door working with you to accomplish your goals! We want you to succeed and success is so much more accessible when you are enjoying your workout. And don't forget we are there for you when you go home with our online nutrition guide - we can even help you plan your meals EVERY DAY! Our routines change daily and can be modified for any fitness level! And I mean any fitness level! And join us anytime - no class times, no waiting on a trainer, we are here for you every 3 minutes! Work your way up to our Challenge of the Week (CHOW)! Go for broke and work your way through our challenge ladder! Win prizes for bringing in friends and completing these and other challenges. And know we are rooting for you everytime you walk-in the door because we are going to be there for you everytime!

Strength: Stations 1-2

You'll use dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, jump ropes and other equipment to build strength and stamina. Our trainers help you at every station.

Kickbox Fitness: Stations 3-8

The real fun begins as you punch and kick heavy bags to build power, double end bags to increase coordination and timing, and speed bags to develop shoulder conditioning and speed.

Abs & Core: Station 9

You’ll tighten and strengthen all the muscles in one of the most common trouble spots, your core, which improves your ability to perform any movement you do for work, exercise, or leisure.

9Round Delivers The Ultimate Body Transformation Program For All Fitness Levels

9Round is a specialized fitness center for people who want an unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. The programs consist of a proprietary system of 9 challenging workout stations developed by a professional fighter.

What You Can Expect at 9Round Fitness:

  • Show up at your convenience; there are no class times
  • You’re immediately welcomed by a trainer
  • Trainer wraps your hands for support when punching
  • Use heart rate training to stay in your target fat burning zone
  • Trainer shows you how to do each exercise based on your fitness level
  • After station nine, your 30-minute full-body workout is over
  • Access 9Round Nutritional Guidance & one-on-one support
  • Enjoy a new workout every day (workouts change daily)
Our personal trainers take your workout to the next level, so you get

What You’ll Accomplish in 30 Minutes:

  • Burn massive amounts of calories during your workout
  • Burn body fat for hours after your workout is complete.
  • You release toxins as you sweat
  • Strengthen and tighten every muscle
  • Boost your stamina and endurance
  • Relieve stress
  • Strengthen your heart
  • Release feel-good endorphins
  • Increase energy, improve sleep, and much more

Here's what you get with your membership

  • No Class Times

    No Class Times

    Show up on your schedule. A new circuit starts every three minutes. Time wasted: ZERO!

  • Max Results in Just 30 Minutes

    Max Results in Just 30 Minutes

    Combines cardio and resistance training for a complete, full-body workout in 30 minutes.

  • Heart Rate Technology

    Heart Rate Technology

    Produces measurable results by helping you stay in your fat burning zone.
    * At participating locations.

  • Members Portal

    Members Portal

    Online meal planner, plus videos, podcasts and more to help you track your progress and get results.

  • Workouts Change Daily

    Workouts Change Daily

    Every day is a new workout, so your body is always challenged, and you never get bored.

  • Personal Trainers Included

    Trainer Included

    Trainers are always there to guide, motivate and push you to get the most from every workout.

  • Get Fit, Never Hit

    Get Fit, Never Hit

    Punch and kick bags, not people. Quickly and easily get in shape with the basic moves of kickboxing.

  • Expert Nutritional Support

    Expert Nutritional Support

    Get all your nutrition questions answered by professional nutrition coach Dr. Rick Kattouf II.

  • Gloves and Wraps

    Gloves and Wraps

    For support and comfort. Trainers teach you how to wrap your hands in no time.

Custom Meal Planning

Your custom meal plan makes healthy eating simple. Swap out meals for endless variety.

9Round Nutrition Matrix

Shuffle of variety
Vary your meals in one click. Shuffle gives you new meals and snacks instantly.

Quick, easy access to all your favorite meals and snacks.

What to eat
Perfectly balanced meals and snacks with the calories and macro-nutrients your body needs.

Your custom needs
Our proprietary Meal Planner is designed to take the guess work out of eating right.

Proven Nutritional Science

Exercise alone is not enough. That’s why we built the 9Round Nutrition Member Portal… to help you enjoy maximum results with an easy-to-follow nutrition plan you’ll enjoy.

  • Makes nutrition simple
  • No guesswork, no fluff
  • Lose excess fat, keep your muscle
  • Enjoy all-day energy and mental clarity
  • No starvation, no diets, no quick-fix disappointments
  • Helps stabilize hormones and mood
  • Expert nutrition access assures that you get all your questions answered
  • Access all features from any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Helps you adapt your lifestyle to get lean and healthy

What Is 9Round Nutrition?

It’s a nutritional system that provides you access to nutritional tools, resources and expert advice, so you get the results you want with foods you love.

You’ll discover how to maximize fat loss, fuel your muscles and increase performance without dieting or starving yourself.

9Round Nutrition

What You Get Inside 9Round Nutrition

  • No-Guesswork “Nutrition Matrix”

    No-Guesswork Meal Plan

    Your daily meal plan customized to YOUR body and calorie needs. Healthy eating has never been so simple!
  • 1-on-1 Nutrition Coach

    Personalized Nutrition Coach

    You’re not alone! Any nutrition questions you have will be answered by an expert.
  • Weekly Coaching Emails

    Weekly Coaching Emails

    Your nutrition coach will send you helpful advice, easy and delicious recipes, and more every week.
  • 9Round Nutrition Guide

    9Round Nutrition Guide

    Learn the key components of fitness and nutrition success, how to eat healthy at restaurants, and much more.
  • Fitness Tools

    Fitness Tools

    Easy online tools calculate your target heart rate zone, body fat, BMI, and more to assess and track your health and fitness.
  • Fitness Videos

    Fitness Videos

    Quick, one to two minute tips and techniques help you get the most from your workouts.
  • Podcast & Articles

    Podcast & Articles

    Get fact-based, no-fluff fitness and nutrition secrets from our growing archive.

See Your Results as You Work Out

In real time, the 9ROUND PULSE in-club display shows your effort level, heart rate, calories burned, and PULSE Points earned during your workout. Color-coded heart rate zones make it easy to see your effort level at a glance.

9Round results monitor

How It Works

  • You wear your 9ROUND PULSE belt during your workout.
  • As you work out, the device tracks how hard you’re working and displays your effort rating, your heart rate and calories burned on a monitor inside the 9Round club.
  • You can easily see if you’re in your optimal fat burning zone and adjust your effort up or down as needed.
  • View your results and progress any time from the app or your online account. Your results are also emailed to you after each workout.


Sample Workout Summary

Benefits of 9Round Pulse

  • Effectiveness


    Your heart rate is the ideal metric that determines how much effort it takes to burn fat and improve your cardio. Heart rate tracking helps you maximize the results you get from every 30-minute 9Round workout.

  • Adapts to Your Fitness Level

    Adapts to Your Fitness Level

    The more physically fit you are, the more effort it takes to get your heart rate up. But all you have to do is keep your heart rate in the optimal heart rate zone, and you’ll continue to get results.

  • Instant Gratification

    Instant Gratification

    Your real-time heart rate and color-coded heart rate zones continuously show you whether you’re getting the most from your workout. Your results summary is emailed to you after each workout.

  • Motivation


    Live heart rate tracking motivates you to put in the necessary effort because you have a specific target to shoot for.

  • Competition


    Compete against yourself or others with the live in-club display.

  • Points Make it Simple

    Points Make it Simple

    You accumulate pulse points for every minute you spend in each heart rate training zone. The harder you work, the more points you accumulate.

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9Round Certified Trainers

  • 9Round trainer
    Matthew ""The Grinder"" Wagner (Owner/Operator)
    I am proud to be a 9Round Owner and trainer and look forward to helping my clients realize a better them. Whether your goals are simply to get in shape, find a new passion, enjoy the camaraderie of a 9Rounds Club, or you want to push your fitness limits I look forward to seeing all you in the gym! With over 20 years as a USPTA Elite Pro, a USPTR 10U/Adult Professional (1 year), formerly ACE certified personal trainer, and current ITPT professional, I have conducted presentations on fitness for juniors, adults, and seniors, been a board member for the NC USPTA and Char-Meck Senior Games, a national Junior coach, and worked on charity events for Make-A-Wish Foundation, Susan G. Comen foundation, Wounded Warriors, and with Canine Companions for Independence. I have worked as a Junior Tennis Director, Head Professional, and Director of Tennis over the last 20 years. About a year ago I developed a life threatening condition that sidelined me from my career, my workouts, and my life for about 3 months. 9Round became my PT after the illness and after 3 months I was back to a 27 round routine (3 times through the 9Round circuit) and I knew I had found a new calling in life.
  • 9Round trainer
    Jasmin "Pad Princess" Worthy
    Jasmin is a motivating, energetic, and fun trainer that wants to push you to the next level in your fitness journey! She was a tennis athlete all throughout JR high & high school. Her passion for fitness & nutrition has helped her lose over 30lbs, beast through the Rugged Maniac, Reebok Spartan Race, and various 5ks. Now she wants to use her CPT knowledge and experience to help others go above & beyond their fitness goals! You'll normally catch her in the gym w/pads on which is fitting since she is the "Pad Princess".
  • 9Round trainer
    Lauren "The Law" McBreen
    Lauren moved down to Charlotte less than two years ago from New York. She graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies. Although she has been working in the legal field for the last 15 years, her true passions are health, fitness and nutrition. She has been training in Kickboxing for over 4 years, and her love for the sport is what led her to take it further and become a trainer. She is excited to be working with us at 9Round, and hopes it will be the first step towards a new career path. Her athletic background as a gymnast, lacrosse player and avid runner has disciplined her to continuously strive for a healthier life. Her love for fitness has also led her to complete 4 half-marathons, 5 10-Milers and several other races in between. She completed a Spartan Trifecta and has participated in 5 other different obstacle course races. Lauren is committed to teaching members the importance of consistency while striving to achieve their fitness goals….and to have fun while doing it!!
  • 9Round trainer
    Suzie "Tough love" Dilauro
    My love of fitness goes back many years and I am ecstatic about working with our 9Round members to achieve their fitness goals! Above all, I put family first and that includes all my wonderful family at 9Round Waxhaw!

9Round TV

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  • The Science Behind the Workout
    The Philosophy
  • The Science Behind the Workout
    Rashad - 9Round Member - Kickboxing
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Contact Information
9Round Fitness
3901 Providence Rd, Suite F
Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173
704-843-KICK or text us at 704-493-5866
Hours Of Operation
Monday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Tuesday 7:00 am - 1:00 pm 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Wednesday 7:00 am - 1:00 pm 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Thursday 7:00 am - 1:00 pm 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


What 9Round Members are Saying

loses pounds
  • Joey C.
    Joey C. loses 55 pounds
    "When I walked into 9Round, I weighed 215lbs and had so many bad habits. After I became a member, I stuck with it as well as maintaining a healthy diet to date. To date, I am at 160lbs."
    Joey C.
  • Lauren S. loses 30 pounds
    "I have been at 9Round for a couple of years now. It is the first time in my life that I actually love being active and get excited to see what new workout is waiting for me each time I go. The "new" me is confident, healthy, and motivated and I got here with help from the trainers at 9Round who make me feel like I am capable of anything."
    Lauren S.
    Lauren S.
  • Danielle T.
    Danielle T. loses 40 pounds
    "In the past year, I have lost 40 lbs! I have crushed many of my goals, but still have goals to keep me motivated to get even healthier, stronger and more toned. We have gained another family, many skills, strength, more speed, a stress reliever, and a workout that simply works for our family!"
    Danielle T.
  • Abbie R. loses 25 pounds
    "I never enjoyed working out until I had my first workout at 9Round. I am so grateful for 9Round for helping me become a stronger, more energetic, and better me. The owners and trainers at 9Round are phenomenal. Having someone tell me I'm doing a great job and push me through an intense round of pads is what kept me coming back."
    Abbie R.
    Abbie R.

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