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Do You Have a Holiday Hangover?

It’s time to face reality. The holidays are finally over, and all of the bad habits that were formed have officially sunk in. We eat less healthy foods and more foods with extra sugars and extra salt! Even the most disciplined people go outside of their normal routine when it comes to the holidays so don’t let it get to you. Nobody is perfect, and we all have our moments when we indulge in those bad foods but it is how we choose to bounce back that matters most.

The longer you stay off track the more difficult it will be for your body to go back to a normal routine and the body you worked so hard for all year. Don’t allow yourself to get into a habit of eating less healthy and exercising less. Due to the lack of routine, we slowly begin to gain weight and become bloated.

So what can you do to bounce back? Sweat. Sweating detoxifies your body. We already know how beneficial sweating is for our skin, but it is also a tool for weight loss. If you are sweating during an exercise, you are burning calories!

I know it can be difficult to get into your normal routine, but consistency is the key. You may feel like it’s impossible to lose any weight gained during the holiday, but that is only if you tell yourself that. Positive thoughts will motivate you, and we must give ourselves time to get back into the swing of things or to adjust if you are just beginning your fitness goals.

Get that push you really need with your 9Roundworkout, and your 9Round Nutrition Guide. Their 30 minute workout will have you DRENCHED in sweat (remember… that’s a good thing!) and feeling like a new you all over again. The Nutrition Guide will help you make the right decisions so that you will never have that “guilt” from what ate over the holidays!

Try to remember how important consistency is to reach your fitness goals and to get back on track. Your goals won’t be reached overnight, but if you continue to stick with a healthy and active routine, you will notice a change. When you and others around you notice that change, you will realize it was worth it!