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Winter Fitness - Take the 9Round Push Up Challenge!

Heather Hudson

With Thanksgiving right behind us, it’s full force into winter! So many people get overwhelmed by this time of year between the holidays and the onset of less than comfortable temperatures. This causes many to let their fitness go to the back burner.

What better way to keep your fitness routine going, than to do a workout that isn’t affected by weather? An indoor workout, like 9Round, is the perfect solution.

Lacking the motivation? We have got your back! Remember, all you have to do is show up! Once you’re in the door, a motivating 9Round Trainer will make sure that you’re not leaving until you’ve gotten your full body calorie burn ON!

Short term goals are a fun way to keep motivated as well.

We thought it would be a fun idea to roll out the 9Round 1,000 push up challenge!

The goal is 1,000 push ups starting today, Sunday November 30th through December 24th.

That is actually only 40 push ups a day and if you do 20 in the morning and 20 in the afternoon, the task suddenly seems much less daunting!

What a fun way to keep up with your fitness!

The fun part is, it’s a huge number of pushups and feels like an incredible accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if you do them on your knees or on your toes, just do them! If you’re doing beginner pushups, be sure and read this article as a good guideline for this challenge: http://www.9round.com/blog/secret-to-sexy-arms-in-4-weeks-or-less/

You’ll be stronger by Christmas and that’s the best gift ever! You won’t regret it!

You in? I hope so. Now go do your 40 pushups for today!