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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


1201 Winter Garden Vineland Road, suite 6-B
Winter Garden, Florida 34787


  • Having a trainer on site and each time I come it’s a totally different work out!
    - October 14, 2018 by T.D.
  • 30 minute workouts fit my busy schedule and allow me to burn 600 plus calories in that short period of time. Always a trainer to guide the workouts and monitor my progress. Daily feedback of each workout via email so I can monitor my long term progress. Never a wait to begin workouts. Always a different routine. Friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive staff. Besides being a lot of fun, it has exceeded my fitness goals and continues to be the best decision I've made for my health in quite some time.
    - October 05, 2018 by Jim Samuda
  • It is always challenging to work out but it is so well supervised by the trainers. It is the best exercise regimen I’ve ever done! Kudos to Brett!!
    - October 05, 2018 by Mike Reep
  • Everything! I enjoy the workouts. Each day is a different combination for a full body workout. I like that since its not a class, and its just 30 min I can come in any time it's open. Brett and his staff are great. They're tough yet they create an friendly atmosphere.
    - October 05, 2018 by B.M.
  • Intense workout that you get done fast, and I LOVE the class time flexibility.
    - September 14, 2018 by L.D.
  • No class times, friendly trainers and a kickass workout!
    - August 19, 2018 by C.S.
  • The shortness of the work out (30 minutes is easy!) and the HUGE, MASSIVE results and calories burned I get in such a short amount of time. Awesome level of intensity with awesome, helpful trainers every visit... it's the perfect blend to my health and wellness regimen.
    - July 26, 2018 by Cameron Martin
  • Everything, training are great, concept of 9 rounds is great and Winter Garden staff is excellent
    - July 19, 2018 by J.M.
  • Brett, Kelly, Rebecca & Kevin and the 9Round workout make going to the gym FUN!
    - July 11, 2018 by Patty Downs
  • The ability to work out anytime without a schedule is exactly what I need so that I am able to consistently work out with daily variations in my schedule. Plus the workout is full body and I can feel myself getting stronger each month.
    - July 10, 2018 by J.Z.
  • All of the trainers at 9Round-Winter Garden are excellent. I love the high-intensity 30 minute workout. It fits my busy schedule and fitness goals perfectly. I highly recommend trying it. #doitforyou.
    - July 06, 2018 by Jim Samuda
  • I enjoy being able to get a good full body workout in just 30 minutes. The workouts are tough but Brett and his staff keep us motivated to work our hardest.
    - July 05, 2018 by B.M.
  • No class times, quick but efficient workout, friendly trainers and a place I love to go!
    - July 03, 2018 by Amanda Petersen
  • That’s it’s only 30 mins long, but I still feel like I did something!
    - June 01, 2018 by H.K.
  • Who doesn't love punching and kicking things?! I like that each station has a different exercise every time I go in. You're not stuck in a rut doing the same thing, over and over each time you visit. The workouts are challenging and the trainer, Brett, doesn't put up with my whining. His energy pushes me to continue, even when I could easily sit out a round if he'd allow it. Just wish it was closer!!!
    - May 03, 2018 by Sharon Peppas
  • Everyday it’s something different, so i never get bored. The trainers at my 9rounds always push me to be my best and are very encouraging!
    - May 03, 2018 by K.R.
  • It’s fast and affective.
    - May 02, 2018 by M.Z.
  • It's amazing to have a trainer there to support me the whole time, and it's ONLY A HALF hour work out with WAY more calories burned in that half hour than any other activity I have done. And it's fun!
    - April 29, 2018 by Nina Martin
  • It pushes me in a way that I am not bored and I am done in 30 minutes. I have some injuries that alter what I can do at times, but the trainers are attentive and still find ways to make me sweat! I love the atmosphere and the energy, even when I feel I am on empty. I have been going for four weeks and I have had great workouts everyday! I love how the workouts change. No ruts here! I recommend it to everyone. If you want to work out and have some therapy at the same time - 9Rounds Winter Garden is your place!
    - April 24, 2018 by Lynda Bugos
  • Really everything, I love that a trainer is helping .e all the way. I love that it's 30 min . I love feeling stronger
    - April 16, 2018 by Kristin Jackson
  • I like that the workouts are different every time, that I am able to build great rapport with the trainers and that it’s only 30 minutes!
    - April 14, 2018 by Lisa Matthews
  • This place is addicted. Trainers are very friendly and very helpful.
    - April 09, 2018 by Leyla Edinc
  • You can come anytime and start immediatly, the exercises are both fun and efficient. Great place to work out
    - April 07, 2018 by Julien Mauro
  • I love that the workouts are only 30 minutes, that they change daily, and that there are trainers that encourage me to push harder.
    - April 05, 2018 by K.B.
  • Trainers who keep you going especially on days when you need that extra motivation!
    - April 05, 2018 by A.A.
  • Great trainers, convenient, results have been outstanding, awesome work-out.
    - April 05, 2018 by S.W.
  • Each workout is different so it does not become boring . The owner and trainers are awesome and very helpful and because of the small setting it makes it more friendly and personalized
    - April 04, 2018 by Nickole Grant
  • Well organized and planned workouts. Great staff and instruction through training stations. Best all-around workout I've experienced in just 30 minutes of my day.
    - April 04, 2018 by Jim Samuda
  • Our trainers are the best, I always leave with a smile on my face!
    - April 03, 2018 by Hannah Mohabir
  • It’s intense and you get your workout done in 30 minutes. Trainers are great! They really do motivate you.
    - April 02, 2018 by M.H.
  • I really enjoy the trainers knowing who I am. I also like the fact that the workouts are different every day!
    - April 02, 2018 by S.W.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Brett "Bossman" Lasser
    After spending the last 20 years in the corporate world, I decided I needed a change. As a member of a 9Round, I thoroughly enjoy the amazing workouts in just 30 minutes, the great people and learning the business. My wife and I made the decision to open 9Round Winter Garden to help the community, expand the 9Round Brand we both enjoy and also to teach our 3 amazing children about the importance of fitness and hard work. We hope you enjoy working out with us as much as we do with you!
  • 9Round trainer
    Kelly "Beard-O" Brott
    Kelly "Beardman" is here to help you get fit 9Rounds at a time.
  • 9Round trainer
    Kevin "SweetFeet" Niederdorfer
    Kevin "SweetFeet" joined our 9Round family in January 2018. (More to come)
  • 9Round trainer
    Rebekah "Reba" Castano
    Reba is here to help you in your fitness journey 9 rounds at a time. She's going to make it fun and exciting!!