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March MyZone Fat Burning Effort Points Challenge

March MyZone Fat Burning Effort Points Challenge

Michelle Bond

For all our Members with the MyZone heart rate monitor, you are starting to see how it all works!  When you are in the Green and Yellow Zones you are in the Fat Burning Zones!!  You can always watch the screen and adjust your workout accordingly.  Being in the Red during the last 30 seconds is good!  That is where I want you to be!! Being in Red is NOT bad but, if you stay in the Red or Anaerobic zone for long periods of times you can begin to burn muscle and not fat.  Many athletes in non-endurance sports train in the Anaerobic Zones to promote strength, speed and power! So it is not bad, but most of us want to burn fat and gain muscle!  So that leads me to this months MYZONE Fat Burning Challenge!!!  Invites have been sent to all members that have the MyZone Heart Rate Monitor, you have to accept the invitation to be included in the contest!  During this contest your member effort points will be added up when you are in the yellow and green zones for the entire month!  The winner will receive a FREE "I Earned This" T - Shirt!!  The contest will make all of you more conscious of your heart rate and learn to control it.  GOOD LUCK!! Have fun!! Let the Games Begin!!!