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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


2250 Clarendon Blvd; Suite L,
Arlington, Virginia 22201


  • I love 9Round. It's like personal training but whenever you need it. Perfect for people with busy schedules.
    - June 08, 2018 by M.A.
  • Great workout and lots of fun! Staff are attentive and personalize workouts as much as possible!
    - April 29, 2018 by Carolyn Susca
  • Different workout every time, short and sweet, I can go anytime I want and don’t need a class time, trainers are awesome
    - April 09, 2018 by R.E.
  • I love that the workouts are only 30 minutes and that they change every day!
    - February 27, 2018 by G.C.
  • The workouts are never the same and never boring! Also love the staff.
    - February 21, 2018 by J.K.
  • EVERYTHING! Trainers are awesome. Workout is great and fast.
    - February 20, 2018 by H.H.
  • Personalized attention and assistance; quick workouts that burn lots of calories!
    - January 21, 2018 by C.S.
  • It’s the perfect workout with my busy schedule for a great membership price. Absolutely love 9Round and have recommended it to all my friends and coworkers.
    - January 09, 2018 by A.S.
  • Conveniently located, good workout in a short amount of time, friendly trainers
    - December 17, 2017 by L.F.
  • Not being as fat as I was when I started.
    - December 08, 2017 by K.H.
  • 9Round not only fits into my ever-changing schedule, but the workouts are always new and exciting. The trainers are always looking to motivate you, work with you towards your personal goals, and make working out fun! -Lauren
    - December 03, 2017 by L.H.
  • I like the trainers who are super welcoming and friendly, and make working out at this gym very special.
    - November 25, 2017 by V.C.
  • Classes are rigorous, the staff is positive and the atmosphere is great
    - November 21, 2017 by L.W.
  • The trainers are awesome. The workout is fun and the price is great!
    - November 19, 2017 by H.H.
  • It’s the best! The trainers are amazing and the workouts are intense.
    - November 18, 2017 by Y.A.
  • The workout is fast, in and out in 30 minutes.
    - November 18, 2017 by S.H.
  • Friendly. Great trainers who care. Fun atmosphere. Comraderie. Oh. And I am stronger and more fit! Very positive environment.
    - November 17, 2017 by D.S.
  • The flexible start time and the motivating trainers.
    - October 17, 2017 by C.F.
  • The trainers are great and motivate you and I love that I can get an intense workout in such a short amount of time.
    - October 17, 2017 by J.G.
  • I like the energy in the gym when I go. It motivates me to push myself more!
    - October 15, 2017 by G.O.
  • I am a 9round member in Reno NV and had a trip to Washington DC. This 9round was in the area so I stopped in. The staff was extremely friendly. The workout was super intense. Very likely to stop by again if i am in the area.
    - September 27, 2017 by M.K.
  • I recommend all the time...
    - September 16, 2017 by C.S.
  • I love that there are no class times and that I can go in and get a great workout in no matter my schedule.
    - September 05, 2017 by A.K.
  • 30 mins in and out.
    - August 25, 2017 by A.R.
  • Amazing gym great trainers since march I have lost 25 pounds.
    - August 25, 2017 by B.M.
  • It's something different from the usual workout routine (lift/running). It's empowering. Also, the trainers recognize your workout style and respect it (I.e. Encouraging those who struggle and leaving those alone who like to workout independently.)
    - August 23, 2017 by H.H.
  • The trainers st the Courthouse, Arlington location are AMAZING! It's lik working out with my friends. They are incredibly supportive and always there to push me to do my best. I first joined nearly two years ago, and I could not be happier with my decision!
    - August 22, 2017 by A.B.
  • 9round has given me back health and a fierceness I've been missing since high school soccer. The people keep me coming back and help me continue to push myself. (Shout out to Moe). One year later and I still can't get enough.
    - August 18, 2017 by M.E.
  • The trainers make the place - Moe & team are fantastic. Variety of workout Makes it fun and challenging
    - August 18, 2017 by J.T.
  • Fantastic trainers, great workout
    - August 18, 2017 by C.O.
  • I love the daily challenges of this exercise regimen and that it constantly is changing daily. I never get bored with it.
    - July 27, 2017 by A.W.H.
  • Its an intense, self-paced workout without a set schedule. I feel like i"m getting my money's worth because I can drop in whenever I want without having to change my work schedule based on my work-out schedule. Plus, I'm a big fan of heavy-bag workouts.
    - July 11, 2017 by J.S.
  • Great workout! - suitable for beginners to advanced. The staff is friendly and upbeat and made a novice like myself very comfortable.
    - July 10, 2017 by C.C.
  • It never boring and the staff keep you motivated.
    - June 04, 2017 by C.J.
  • 9 round is amazing!!
    - June 01, 2017 by G.M.
  • Flexible- can show up whenever I want, don't have to sign up for a class.
    - May 27, 2017 by B.K.
  • The trainers! I'm friends with them at this point so if I skip a day, they call me out. And when I was gone for a week, I got to do extra burnouts when I came back because they said they missed me. Never missing a week again...
    - May 25, 2017 by N.M.
  • I love the personalized training and encouragement that is given each and every day at 9Round! It feels like such a family. No matter what your size, shape, or ability, 9Round is a great place to work out and be a part of a community that empowers you!
    - May 18, 2017 by R.I.
  • The environment is so energizing and the trainers really care! At the end of my workout I am almost sad this over!
    - May 18, 2017 by M.P.
  • I love that the workouts are different every day and they kick your butt each time. The trainers are also amazing - they keep you motivated (even if you aren't feeling the workout, they manage to pump you up), but at the same time, they don't make you feel bad if you can't do something. This is the only gym/workout that I've stuck with for more than a year!
    - May 18, 2017 by F.B.
  • The trainers are fantastic. I love how the workout is always different so I don't get bored, and it always challenges me.
    - May 18, 2017 by J.K.
  • The speed of the workout is great. It's nice being able to get in and out in 30 minutes.
    - May 18, 2017 by S.H.
  • I love the trainers! They are motivating without being annoying and they really keep me coming back!
    - May 18, 2017 by N.S.
  • I love that I get a good workout in within half and hour and have trainers present to push me harder.
    - May 18, 2017 by R.E.H.
  • Amazing trainers who want to work with you.
    - May 18, 2017 by B.M.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE 9Round!!!
    - May 18, 2017 by N.M.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Rob "Big Daddy Thunder (BDT)" Graveline
    With 27 years of fitness industry experience, BDT has trained everyone from professional athletes to cardiac transplant patients. BDT started training White Lightning 7 years ago and "Thunder & Lightning, LLC" was formed to open and operate 9Round Courthouse. "With my background and experience in the fitness industry I've seen almost everything, so when I saw the 9Round Fitness model I saw an exciting and simple solution to keep exercise "fun" for our clients."
  • 9Round trainer
    Todd "White Lightning" Wilson
    Todd 'White Lightning' Wilson is a professional boxer with an unblemished 16-0 professional record and holder of the Universal Boxing Federation's Junior Welter weight 'All Americas Champion' title. White Lightning and BDT teamed up 7 years ago to pursue a boxing world championship. Along the way they have opened the first of many 9Rounds in the Norther Virginia area.