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Embrace the Suffering, Embrace the Challenge

Embrace the Suffering, Embrace the Challenge

I use the word “suffering” as a very positive term. Suffering is a challenge; suffering is challenging ourselves physically and mentally; suffering is stretching our comfort zone; suffering is digging deep and finding that champion within; suffering is taking the path least traveled; suffering is never taking the easy way out; suffering is eliminating limiting thoughts and beliefs and raising your own personal ceiling; suffering is breaking through barriers and obstacles that we have put in front of us; suffering is learning to become comfortable, being uncomfortable.


Individuals that embrace the suffering are the ones that become extremely successful in life, business, sport, fitness, body composition, etc. During your workout today, when it really starts to hurt, repeat to yourself… “Embrace the suffering.” When that fatigue starts to set in, can you dig deeper? As the workout progresses and the fatigue sets in, can you find that extra gear and embrace the suffering? My money is on you and I bet you can!


Now, I never want to give a mixed message. There is a big difference between embracing the suffering and pushing one's body into injury. We want to avoid injury at all cost of course. In no way is ‘suffering’ taking the body to complete and total exhaustion, not at all. I would not even consider this a good workout. A good workout is one where you can quickly recover from and workout again the next day. This is the layering and compound effect of working out. Embracing the suffering is a personal challenge each workout, in a smart, patient and methodical manner.


From a nutrition and body composition perspective, does “embrace the suffering” apply as well? Absolutely, and here are a few examples. When individuals have gained a significant amount of weight and then they start to eat right and get on the right nutrition path, their body and mind is going to go through a number of changes. For example, most individuals that have not eaten well for months/years may have a very hard time dealing with the “normal hunger” that comes with eating right. These individuals are not accustomed to being hungry because when they did get hungry, how did they address it? Well, they ate and typically ate a lot and not-so-healthy foods. Therefore, dealing with this normal hunger and not ‘feeding it’ can be very foreign.


This can be a big challenge in the early stages for individuals making lifestyle changes. We have to learn to “embrace the suffering” when we have these normal feelings of hunger and not give in to them and binge eat. These normal levels of hunger of course are much different than ravenous hunger, low blood sugar, “I'm going to pass out if I don't get food” hunger feelings. I am simply talking about the normal levels of hunger we experience every few hours when we are eating right… Embrace the suffering, Embrace the challenge.


For example:

  • Avoiding late night snacks after dinner when dinner is your final rx'd meal of the day… Embrace the suffering, Embrace the challenge.


  • Saying no to desert and other not-so-good foods for you… Embrace the suffering, Embrace the challenge.


Embrace the suffering, embrace the challenge, stretch your comfort zone and in time, you will find new and amazing levels of success!


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year