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Follow Your Heart-Get Results!

When individuals want to get fit, healthy and lean, they just have to work out a lot more and a lot harder, right? Well, not so fast; on the surface, sure, it almost seems to make sense. If an individual is overweight and they want to reduce their body fat, they just need to work out regularly and work out hard every time. This could not be further from the truth. I realize that there is a positive feedback mechanism when an individual has a very hard and challenging workout and is dripping in perspiration. Traditionally, this is what most individuals define as a "good workout" and possibly even defined as a "great workout."

If working out harder were the key to success, there would be a lot of individuals out there in the world of fitness a lot lighter and leaner than what they are. Here is a very typical scenario… An individual is overweight and wants to start a much healthier lifestyle. One of the first steps is they start to "watch what they eat." And, in conjunction with this they start to work out. And, during each workout, they typically work out at a fairly high intensity. As the weeks and months go on, they are getting so-so results, but not exactly what they are looking for. So, what do you think their next step is in terms of their workouts? If you guessed that they start to work out even harder, you are exactly right. In their mind, the individual tells themselves that the working out that they were doing was not getting them the exact results they wanted, therefore, the answer must be to work out even harder (and possibly even more). And then as the weeks and months progress, frustration starts to set in because the results are still not showing. The individual asks the inevitable question, "how can I be working out this hard and still not be getting any results?"

The answer to this question is pretty in-depth and multifaceted because there are many factors that need to be considered. We are going to focus on one main factor and that is heart rate training. Believe it or not, training too hard and at too high of an intensity (too high of a heart rate) can actually sabotage our results in terms of body composition change and body fat loss. Now, I do not want to give a mixed message because in no way is training properly by heart rate easy training. Rather, it's about training smart. When we train smart and follow our physiology, we can then set ourselves up for the best success possible.

One of the main keys during your 9Round workout is this… It is critical; it is imperative (if you want results of course that are meaningful and sustainable) that the proper heart rate is achieved during the workout. Heart rate training is not like playing horseshoes; "getting close" does not count. It is very much like nutrition; we must be focused and spot-on. "Trying to eat better" and "kind of staying in the right heart rate zones" is like washing your feet with your socks on; you are just not going to get the job done.

The 9Round MyZone heart rate training system isfantastic; jump on this right away and start using it immediately. By working out in the proper heart rate zones, you are going to facilitate fat as your primary fuel source and this is the key to success whether your goal is to lose 100 pounds of body fat, become a world champion athlete or any goal in between. Let's get a bigger and better return on our investment of workout time, what do you say? Let's do this; let's make every workout at 9Round the highest quality possible. And just like nutrition, we don't just want to eat, as this will not bring about results. Rather, we want to eat right and we want to eat with purpose.

The same holds true with workouts and heart rate training. We don't just want to go through the workout; rather, we want to go through the workout with purpose and workout smart in order to maximize our results. A great workout is not feeling so trashed and wasted that you get so incredibly sore that you have to take a few days off before you can work out again, that's not a great workout; not even close. Much of the reason we feel this way after a workout is because we trained at much too high of a heart rate. By training in the proper heart rates, you are going to be able to layer and compound the positive effects from your workouts. A great workout is one where you feel good and energized following the workout, you are able to get your body refueled and rehydrated and you feel great the next day to work out again. Now that is a great workout and that is what training in the proper heart rate zones will do for you.

When it comes to using the MyZone heart rate training system, it makes it super easy for you to know exactly what heart rate zones you need to achieve in order to maximize results. Your goal is to stay within the green and yellow (this will make sense when you start to use the system) for the entire workout. And, I'm going to beat you to the punch (pun intended) because here are some things you may experience… "I am barely moving and I am already in the green and yellow." "I feel like I am hardly working out in the green and yellow." "I feel like I can go a lot harder." These are some very common phrases that people will use when they start to work out properly by heart rate.

Always keep this statement in mind, "it is easy to work out hard, but it takes work and effort to work out smart." If you remember nothing else, remember this when it comes to your workouts and keep repeating this to yourself because it is so true. It is so much easier to just go into a workout, blast yourself, go hard and just work out like mad. But, as mentioned above, this is not working out with purpose and this is not working out smart (unless of course you are super-fit and you can do this and still hit the proper HR zones). Working out smart takes work, it takes precision and this is where the proper heart rate training comes into effect.

In summary, if you are ready get the most out of each and every 9Round workout, start to embrace the proper heart rate training today. Embrace training smart and maximize your results. Because in time, proper heart rate training is going to increase your efficiency and efficiency is teaching your body to go longer, harder, faster and perform more repetitions at the same or lower heart rate. That’s one efficient human system!

So, while working out in the "green and yellow" may seem easy today, I will promise you this; as the months progressed, you will find yourself being able work out harder and harder in the same heart rate zones. And, not if, but when this happens, get ready, because you are starting to really increase your overall fitness level. This is what training smart is all about. We want to focus on the journey, not the destination and we want to be process-focused. And the process here is working out in the proper heart rate zones.

Get ready to get the biggest returns possible on your investment of workout time get ready take yourself to an entirely new fitness level!

Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year