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There is never enough time in the day to fit an exercise routine in our schedules

There are many reasons to not follow through with your workout plans, but time management is probably the most used excuse. There is never enough time in the day to fit an exercise routine in our schedules, or we meant to get to the gym but things just kept popping up. It is common to feel this way, but if you use some of these helpful tips you may just avoid using this common excuse and start down the path to achieving your fitness goals.

  1. workout-plan-1Use a calendar and map out your routines. You know your daily schedule and the best days to schedule your workout. Do it! Put the best times to exercise in pen and make sure you follow through with your schedule.

  2. If you must schedule everything not just your workouts. This way you know what is coming up and have all your time allotted for, which will help you avoid running out of time for your fitness routines. The more you schedule, the better your time management will be.

  3. workout-plan-2Set your goals daily, weekly and monthly. Also keep track of the smaller goals that you achieve. If you have smaller goals you will be able to see improvements sooner. This will help you to stick with your fitness routines and want to make time for them. If you have only bigger goals you may become discouraged quicker and look for any excuse to slack off or end you exercise routines all together.

  4. Mix it up! Doing the same thing everyday can get boring. Try to be creative and change your schedule, workouts and meals daily. You want to remain engaged in your fitness routines and switching up your to do list can help you do just that.

It is not all about time management but mainly about self management. You have to make yourself do it. You have to get out and get in the habit of finding fitness routines that fit your schedule and your goals. Once you get over the hurdle of exercise is boring and just too much work, you can experience the fun and accomplishments of a successful fitness routine. Believe me your body will thank you for it later.