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You want me to jump what?

Remember those warm sunny days on the playground in middle school? I’m willing to bet that is probably about the last time most people actually used a jump rope. I’m sure most of you had no idea that jumping rope is one of the best all around exercises you will find. It is always fun to see the look on people’s faces when they come in to 9Round for the first time and we tell them they are going to jump rope at round 1. Jumping rope isn’t one of those typical exercises that you will find in most fitness facilities. It is an extremely underutilized piece of workout equipment that can pay big dividends for those willing to use it.

Did you know that jumping rope burns more calories per minute than running a 6 minute mile? (For those who don’t do much running, that is really stinking fast!) In comparison, it also has far less impact on your knees and ankles than running. So I’m sure you are wondering how a little rope can be so beneficial. That is a pretty easy one. Jumping rope brings together a combination of upper and lower body exercises in every rotation of the rope. The use of the legs and arms is easy to see. What many people overlook is the fact that you also have to engage your core for each jump. There are obviously great cardiovascular benefits as well. With so many benefits to jumping rope; is there any wonder why the 9Round workout begins this way?

Outside of the calorie burn and cardiovascular benefits, you will also enjoy improvements in timing and coordination. If you’ve ever watched even one boxing movie, you are sure to have seen jump rope used as part of the training routine. Boxers will utilize rope training as a way to improve foot speed, coordination, and balance. With constant practice you can enjoy improvements in timing and rhythm as well. Not only are you working your entire body, but you are exercising the most important muscle of all….your brain.

An added bonus is the fact that a jump rope can fit into any travel bag. Even if you are a frequent traveler you can take your rope and continue to take part in a great full body exercise.

So next time you see a couple of kids playing double-dutch on the play ground, don’t be afraid to join in and get a quick workout.

Check out this video of the 9Round’s Director of Boxing, Xavier Biggs, doing a little jump rope work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3oeTxgHfmQ