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Can a busy mom stay in shape?

Heather Hudson

It’s important first to know, you CAN have a great body after kids. The whole myth that you have to accept a less than desirable figure after baby is so 1975! Throw that idea out, along with the polyester of the past! The trick is, knowing exactly what to do with your precious time in order to maximize efforts into actual RESULTS! Want to know the secret?

Full body resistance exercises with the motivation of a trainer to take all the guess work out of fitness…..Now I know what you’re thinking…a TRAINER? “So, I have to be rich to get fit?” Would I steer you wrong? NO WAY! 9Round Fitness comes with a trainer at NO EXTRA CHARGE. I’m a mom and there’s no way I would work out as hard as I do without my awesome 9Round trainer there keeping me motivated. I also would never make it into the gym at all if I had to make a certain class time!

With the flexibility of a circuit workout, I can work out whenever I happen to get those few precious moments. I pop in 9Round, and a trainer gets me in the circuit fast. I do 9 quick stations and leave pouring sweat! In that quick 30 minutes I know I toned my legs, butt, abs and arms. It’s a total body tone with fat melting results. I heart 9Round and just can’t live without it!