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9Round Owner Featured In Voyagemia Magazine

9Round Owner Featured In Voyagemia Magazine

Today we’d like to introduce you to Suzanne Ellis.

Suzanne, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I was born in the North West of England and moved to the States when I was 21, as a child I had watched my father play semi-professional football (soccer) and learned about his training techniques, running, resistance work ad weight training Being exposed to his lifestyle inspired me and as a grew older I began my fitness journey. I began with running and joined a running club here in Palm Beach where I was inspired to race in 5K, 10K and several Half Marathons I soon completed my first marathon in 2011.

As I grew older I realized that my body was changing and I was losing muscle and had no upper body strength which is very common in females, all my power was in my legs. I started looking for another workout other than running and took up Bikram Yoga and kickboxing, I trained in kickboxing and then I joined a 9Round gym, this event changed my life.

After joining the 9Round gym, I could see a huge difference in my strength and overall conditioning and I loved it, my body changed and became more defined and lean, I needed more and wanted to show other people what could be achieved in just 30 mins of HIIT.

I enquired about opening my own 9Round in 2015 and by April 2016 I was open in Boca Raton ready to show everyone what a great workout we have and how in just a short amount of time in a gym, 30 mins, you can burn up to 500 cal, gain lean muscle, reduce stress and have fun kicking and punching the bags all with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way! This truly is a dream come true to help and inspire others, to help change their life!

Has it been a smooth road?
Coming from watching my parents work 7 days a week in the Bed and Breakfast industry for over 25 years and also opening my own Bar/Restaurant in England I knew what was needed to make my gym a success, you have to be there and you have to care!

I struggled with finding a location and had to wait a year for space I have now, the wait was worth it in the end then there was the buildout which required me to be there every day with my GC overlooking every detail and making the decisions with him, every detail was overlooked by me.

One of the biggest hurdles after the opening has been getting our name out there, a lot of people have never heard of 9Round even though we were established in 2007.

Nowadays you have to be prepared to use grassroots marketing and also use social media, which is a great platform to bring awareness to your business. People generally think that you can open a business and sit back and the clients will just come knocking at the door. You have to be prepared to network and sell 24/7 and even more so being a female business owner.

There are still less women than men owning businesses, its true it has changed a lot from when I opened up my bar/restaurant in 1993, but when you have to talk business with primarily male executives it can be unnerving. You have to be yourself and have confidence, it’s you who has got you where you are today!

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the 9Round Kickbox Fitness, Boca Raton story. Tell us more about the business.
9Round was founded in 2007 by professional kickboxer Shannon Hudson, who won the IKF Light Middleweight Champion of the World title in 2011.

9Round is a specialized fitness gym that brings boxing and kickboxing fitness training moves to the average person in a nine-station circuit workout format. Everything is total-body, and the workouts deliver results in quick and convenient 30-minute sessions. Each station is different and offers challenging and fun workouts, there are no class times and we have trainers always on site.

Each workout is no more than 30 minutes or 2 percent of your entire day! There are never scheduled class times. Members are never late! The workouts are based on circuit training and exercise the entire body. Members pay no extra charge for the assistance of a personal trainer at every workout. Our workout changes daily. It’s fun and fast paced

I’m most proud of my trainers, it’s them that makes my business a success, our trainers really work with our members, they want to teach and train and make it fun for everyone. If you need a workout modified they can do that too, all my trainers go through a 30-day certification course and continually work on helping our clients reach their fitness goals.

What also sets us apart is that we wait for you to come in to train you, not the other way round because we have no class times, you can walk in whenever you want, and train on your time! My gym is a fun place, you can see from the photos in this article or on my social media pages.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
The small boutique fitness industry is still on the growth path.

Consumers who are more informed about health and wellness, a focus on convenience, and a desire to connect with “instructors who give the sense of being deeply marinated in what they’re doing.” I can offer all of that at 9Round!

When you’re in a small studio you see the same people week after week. It becomes more of a social phenomenon,” “My members look forward to seeing each other, they love to chat before and afterward and even push and encourage each other”

In my gym, everyone from the trainer to myself can really build a relationship with the member and members can build a relationship with one another. I love to hear them say, “I had to get my 30 mins in today Suzanne, I’m going to be away for a few days”. The photos you see on my gym show how much fun my members have while working out.

Consumers do want convenience and that will continue to be a key factor in which gym they join, remember we have no class times, so we check that box.

I pride myself on my clean gym, consumers do not want to go into a big box gym that’s not hygiene friendly. We will continue to modernize and respond to the current trends, we have new 9Round apparel designed by Under Armor a 9Round App and new nutritional products coming out in 2018.


  • $125 Month To Month Of Unlimited Workouts (30-day cancellation)
  • $299 3 Month Unlimited Workouts Package
  • $650 6 Months Of Unlimited Workouts Package (Equipment Included)
  • $65 2 Week Pass
  • $35 1 week Pass
  • $20 Drop In

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