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I Can't Lose Those Final 10 pounds!

I Can't Lose Those Final 10 pounds!

You have probably heard friends and family members say this. And, maybe you have expressed this as well… "I can't lose those final 10 pounds!" This tends to be a very common statement from individuals who are trying to lose body fat and transform their physique. Why is this statement so common? And, why do so many individuals from different walks of life, all use similar verbiage? 


Let's say an individual has a goal to lose 30 pounds of body fat. They tend to be focused and energetic in these early stages of their new lifestyle. And often times you will hear them say something like, "those first 20 pounds just came off quickly. It’s now been months and I have not lost any more weight. I feel like my weight has stabilized." Sound familiar? Now, here's the reality; the more overweight an individual is, the "easier" it is to lose the first x-amount of weight and body fat, why? Well, because it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Individuals that have a high amount of body fat, obviously consumed a lot of food and not the best food, and this led to excessive weight gain and an increase in body fat. So, the point is this, all this individual needs to do is make just a few tweaks in the early stages and yes, the bodyweight will start to change quickly, make sense?


Here is an example of 2 very different females. One female is obese and has 39% body fat and another female is lean and has 18% body fat. And let’s say the female at 39% BF has an initial goal of losing 10% BF and getting down to 29% and the female at 18% has an awesome goal of getting even leaner and losing 2% BF and getting down to 16% BF. Who is going to ‘see changes’ at a faster rate? Well, most likely the obese woman at 39% BF because she has so much BF to lose, make sense?


For the 18% BF female to lose 2% BF, this is going to take a level of commitment that is off the charts high. Now, as the 39% BF female continues to increase her goals, the commitment level must increase as well. For example, it took a certain level of commitment for her to lose 10% BF and get to 29%. Now, for her to drop another 4% BF and get to 25%, this is going to take an entirely new and higher level of commitment.


 But, as with any aspect in life, the bigger the goal, the bigger the commitment level. Let's relate the above scenario to a runner. Let's say an individual starts running and they have a goal to run a 5K. And in their first 5K, they complete it in 40 minutes. This individual continues their workout program and they set a goal to run a 5K every 4 weeks. And to their surprise, they are just chunking off time at each 5K race. Quickly, they find themselves running 30 minutes for a 5K; wow! They just took off 10 minutes over a distance of 3.11 miles, that's fantastic. They are excited and they are motivated. This individual gets so accustomed to making huge improvements each week and each month, this becomes their expectation. And therein lies part of the issue. We have to be sure we manage our expectations (understanding that the bigger the goal, the bigger the commitment level) so that we are setting ourselves up for success, and not failure.


A few months go by and the runner finds himself or herself not getting any faster (this is not a negative by the way). Their goal is to get down to 27 minutes. And as the months pass, they cannot believe how long it is taking to take off another three minutes; especially when those first 10 minutes seemed to come off so quickly. This is the exact same example as with the body transformation above. Of course those first 10 minutes are going to come off quickly (the individual is brand new to exercise & running, so any amount of running is going to produce improvements), but the bigger the goal, the bigger the commitment level. Therefore, there's a very good chance that those next three minutes may take as long if not longer to take off as it did the first 10 minutes.


 When it comes to body transformation, those "last 10 pounds" are those next three minutes in the 5K. Those last 10 pounds are going to take a level of time, effort, energy, focus, dedication and determination that may have not been displayed yet by this individual. This is the time during the body transformation process where the individual needs to buckle down more than ever and really "tighten the chinstrap." The bigger the goal, the less room there is for error. These are the factors individuals must keep in mind.


 So what is the secret to losing those final 10 pounds? Well, there's no secret per se, it's simply the same mindset that we have to have in all aspects of life, fitness, sport, business, etc., where we are looking to become more and more successful. We simply have to roll up those sleeves, put on that hardhat, grab that lunch pail and get to work. This is what it takes to lose those final 10 pounds. It takes patience, focus, determination, dedication and an "all do whatever it takes" mentality; that is going to be the key to success.


 If you are ready to put forth the greatest effort and focus that you've ever displayed, then you will be successful and you will lose those final 10 pounds of body fat. The more body fat we choose to lose, the bigger the goal we are setting for ourselves. And always remember, the bigger the goal, the bigger the commitment level. Are you ready to commit?




Dr. Rick Kattouf II

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