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Common Gym Myths Debunked

Most of us already have a preconceived idea about certain exercise routines and what happens at the gym. As a whole, we probably associate weight training with body builders, who are most likely men, and we tend to associate treadmills and other cardio fitness routines with women. We might think that all gyms are the same or that they only like to cater to certain types of people, like only men or skinny petite women. Do these fitness routines and gyms deserve to be classified in such ways? Here we take the chance to look at a few of the more common gym myths and debunk them.



  1. As a female, if I lift weights I will end up being a huge body builder. This is not true. Weight lifting is not just for men and should be a part of everyone's fitness routine, regardless of their gender. It can help you burn fat, tone your body and boost your metabolism. Weight training is an essential component of your fitness routine, especially if you are looking to burn fat.

  2. Every gym is the same, so I should just join the cheapest one. This is so false. Every gym is different. You want to find one that feels right for you and has those little extras that make it worth the time you spend there. Many gyms offer different hours and of course, the staff is always different, which gives each gym its own personality. There are also many different amenities a gym can have, such as heart rate monitors, personal trainers, top notch equipment and even pools. It is up to you to do your research and find the gym that best suits you.

  3. My weight is not coming off, this exercise thing must not be working. So many of us focus on the scale and forget about all the other benefits of working out. This one set frame of mind can make most of us give up on our fitness routine and miss out on all the many other health benefits of our fitness routines, such as lower blood sugar, building endurance and stamina and losing inches from our waist lines, which can result in a lower dress size. Remember just because the scale is not moving does not mean you are not doing your body good by working out.

  4. As long as I workout, I can eat whatever I want. Just because you are working out consistently, you do not get a free pass to eat whatever you want. A nutritious diet should always be a part of everyone's fitness routine. If you want to reshape your body and lose those excess pounds, you will have to start trying out some healthier options. However, it can do a world of good to allow yourself a few cheats without being too hard on yourself.


It can be a difficult journey trying to lose weight and feel great. Just remember to never give up, even when things seem to be piling up against you. You should try to overcome your preconceived notions about fitness and how it may affect you and allow your newly found knowledge help you get fit and healthy.