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“ I want you to hit me as hard as you can…”

Ok, not really. Remember, it’s “Get Fit, Never Hit”! I just wanted to throw in one of my favorite Fight Club quotes for no reason what so ever.

This week I want to expand a little on my previous hand wrap article; Are all hand wraps created equal. If you read that article, you should now have a good understanding of how important a good hand wrap is. I want to take that just a bit further and talk about gloves. More specifically, I want to talk about why we use the particular boxing gloves that we use at 9Round. Aside from the obvious answer of “It’s a kickboxing workout and kickboxers wear boxing gloves” there are certain safety reasons for using these gloves as well. Imagine how your daily routine would be hindered if you had a serious hand injury. Many of our most simple daily functions would become much more difficult without the full use of our hands. In order to avoid that type of injury, we want to make sure that we are providing the proper equipment. The last thing we want is a pesky had injury that might slow down your super fast text messaging ability.

The awesome 9Round glove that we use is the perfect glove for training. It provides good padding and support to accompany your hand wrap in giving you top notch hand protection. This glove is made specifically for training. The material and foam density are excellent for punching a heavy bag. With the popularity of MMA we have had multiple people ask if an MMA glove is good for bag work. Quite frankly, it’s not the best. The small size and open finger design offer very little hand protection for training. In fact if you watch pro MMA fighters train, they are using boxing gloves for heavy bags and most of their sparring. If you have ever watched any UFC event, you have probably heard commentator Joe Rogan speak about the troubles with open finger gloves. You may also be familiar with the large number of hand injuries to top level fighters such as Rich Franklin and Urijah Faber.

Take a look at this video of UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion Jon Jones working a heavy bag. Notice he is wearing boxing gloves.

Here is another great video of MMA great, Cung Le working the double end bag, again with boxing gloves.

As you can see a good boxing glove is essential for boxing training. Your hands are one of your biggest assets and you want to be sure to protect them. At 9Round you get all of the benefits of training like a pro, without any of those annoying punches to the face.