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Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions

Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions

Our success is dictated by our thoughts and beliefs. Our mind is either our biggest asset or our biggest limiter and when the mind is right, the body will follow. When our mind is our biggest asset, success will follow. And then on the opposite side of the spectrum, when our mind is our biggest limiter, the lack of success will ensue.  Let's examine some very common limiting beliefs that hold individuals back from success. It is these limiting beliefs that simply become excuses and this is a huge reason as to why goals do not become realized.


#1: "It's too hard to eat right and to eat healthy while traveling." When you really examine this statement, you quickly realize that this is just an excuse. There's absolutely no truth to this whatsoever. Here's what is very interesting about a statement like this. It is limiting thoughts and beliefs like this that are verbalized by individuals who are overweight and struggling to lose weight. Individuals that are super lean and super fit, never verbalize such statements; very interesting, huh? We have to look no further than those individuals that are super lean and super fit. They travel just as much as everybody else; why don't they find this challenging?  Point being, we just have to identify that this truly is a limiting belief and not a truth. And once we start to let go of our limiting beliefs and excuses, success will then follow.


#2: "I'm way too busy to eat right and eat healthy”. This is another limiting belief and excuse. Once again, we don't have to look any further than those that are super lean and super fit. These individuals are just as busy as everybody else. Why are they not struggling with this?  All too often, individuals that are overweight view those that are super lean and super fit as "lucky" or "gifted" or "good genetics." And once again, these are just excuses as to why they themselves are not achieving the success they desire. Those that are super lean and superfit are not lucky, gifted or genetically superior. Rather, their thoughts and beliefs come from a mindset that is their biggest asset and not their biggest limiter. And, this leads them to make the right choices and success follows.


#3: "I got injured, therefore I could not work out, and that is why I gained so much weight." Whoa, wait, what? Wow, another very common excuse and limiting belief. If we are going to bring up injuries, okay, let's do so. Those that are super lean and superfit, most likely, have a longer track record than most in the injury department simply because of sports, fitness, competitions, etc., that they participate in. And once again, these individuals aren't gaining a ton of weight with every injury they experience. If they did, they would not be super fit and super lean. Injuries, illness, etc., are once again, just limiting beliefs and excuses as to why one’s body composition success is not happening.


In summary, let's start to identify those limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from success. This is a great exercise for everyone to engage in, no matter how much or how little success they have achieved. There is always that next level we can get to and it is our mind that will either get us to that next level or derail us. Let's start to focus on eliminating limiting beliefs. Because when we do and when the mind is right, the body will follow. Here's a great quote that my father would always share with me growing up and this quote really sums up the above, "life is an obstacle course with me as the primary obstacle, if only I could get out my own way."


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

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