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9Round Included in Entrepreneur Magazine's 2013 Top 500 Franchises

In the competitive world of franchise companies, 9Round has earned a place in Entrepreneur magazine's 2013 top 500 franchises list. The kickboxing fitness company began franchising in 2009 and quickly earned its prestigious place among the top 500 franchises with its comprehensive corporate support and popular facilities. It allows third-party financing, and it has moderate investment requirements that allow people with entrepreneurial dreams to get started. Franchisees don't have to have any kickboxing experience, and most have never owned a business before they open a 9Round facility.

9Round helps to build each location from the ground up with meticulous attention to detail. The company helps franchisees to find and choose the best location for their facility, assists in its layout design and conducts a training camp to teach new owners to run their business successfully with the proven 9Round business model.

Even before the economic downturn, business owners clamored for franchises because of their high success rate. Now that many independent businesses are having a harder time than ever, franchises are still going strong. With their proven formats for success, their complete business models and their offers for ongoing mentoring and training, effective franchising companies like 9Round offer potential business owners a better way to get started. A Gallup Poll found that 94 percent of franchisees reported being successful. This level of success has made buying a franchise the gold standard for entrepreneurs who are determined to become successful and stay that way.

With a fitness franchise, franchisees can get into an industry that always has customers. Everyone in every region of the world needs to stay fit, and everyone wants innovative, fun fitness routines that will lead to fitness without boredom. 9Round fills that need with its varied, effective workouts and its fun, high-energy atmosphere.