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How to Go From Flab to Fab (A.K.A. Tone Those Muscles!)

Most of us would love to enhance our muscle tone, and the best way to do this is through strength and resistance training. Strength training can give us a smaller waistline and help us burn more calories, not to mention the fact that our bodies will lose its muscle tone and bone density as we age if we do not strength train. This goes to show us that we need to incorporate some sort of strength or resistance training into our regular fitness routines. It is necessary to give us the body that we want, and I am here to give you a couple of tips to help you take your strength training sessions to the next level.



Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are also known as med balls, fitness balls or exercise balls. They are exactly what they sound like, weighted balls you can easily incorporate into your workout. They come in many different sizes and weights, and some even have handles that can help you use them in a range of different motions and exercises. These weighted balls are great at improving your strength, building muscle tone and increasing your fitness performance. Sit ups, and jump squats with one of these will be fun and take your workout up a notch. And, BONUS, no matter what you do with these, you're almost always engaging your core (can you say flatter tummy?!)


Kettle Bells

Kettle bells are cast-iron weights that look like cannonballs with handles. They are a great tool to use in your workout because they were made to help you easily blend cardio and strength training into your fitness routine, which can help you achieve a full body workout and get those fast results. Kettle bells, like medicine balls, come in many different sizes and weights, and you need to choose them just as carefully. You should consider your fitness level, strength, the particular exercise you are performing and your familiarity with this exercise. Many of the exercises that you do with a kettle bell requires you to swing it over your head. This could end painfully if you are not aware of your strength, fitness level and ability to perform the move. So, start with squatting down and then twisting your arm so that the kettle bell twists behind your hand, resting on your wrist, and you push your fist straight up to the ceiling. This works legs (squat) and shoulders (overhead press). This will really make some great changes in these muscles!


Body Weight Exercises

No equipment? No problem. Squats, planks, burpees, and push-ups are really with you wherever you go, and very effective if you do them consistently and focus on proper form!

Most of us look forward to increasing our muscle tone. We want to look fit and healthy and achieve a body that is toned and in shape. But, we lack the motivation or knowledge of what moves to do. A trainer is key here. Someone to motivate and watch your form is important and makes all the difference. 9Round provides this with every single workout.

We are here to help! For a no obligation session with a trainer every step of the way click here: http://www.9round.com/kickboxing-classes