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How to Achieve Emotional & Mental Balance Through Exercise

How to Achieve Emotional & Mental Balance Through Exercise

Most of us exercise to lose weight, gain muscle or to prevent diseases and other complications with our bodies. But, have you thought about sweating to better our mind and soul? I think it’s safe to say we are all aware of the many physical benefits we get through exercise, but sometimes we forget how beneficial it can be for our emotional and mental health as well. There is not a specific exercise that will target stress relief or improve your mood, but the best way to achieve emotional and mental balance is by doing exercises that you really enjoy. Once you are able to get into a fitness routine that you love, you will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits it can provide for your mind! 


Relieves Depression 
Exercise releases powerful chemicals in the brain that energizes your spirit. These chemicals are called endorphins. When we are depressed, sometimes people may find themselves coping with it in unhealthy ways (drugs, alcohol, etc.). Working out helps us to cope with depression in a healthy way by naturally lifting your mood. 


Reduces Stress 
Are there a lot of things going on in your head? I know the feeling. Just thinking of everything in the house that needs to be cleaned stresses me out. Did you know that exercising can reduce your everyday stress and helps to clear your mind? Going for a run won’t sweep away all life’s troubles, but maintaining a regular fitness routine can help you take control of your anxiety and ease your frustrations. 


Improves Learning 
The endorphins released through physical activity not only makes you feel better, but it also helps you concentrate and stay mentally focused for the many tasks you may have at hand. Exercise also increases the level of brain chemicals, which aides in building brain cells. 


Boosts Self-Confidence 
When you exercise regularly, you will normally begin to feel better about your body. This can lead to improving the way you think about yourself, which increases your self-confidence. If you are consistent with your strength training and cardio routine, you will reach your fitness goals in no time. Reaching your fitness goals and being able to physically see your body progress is a surefire way to boost your self-esteem! 


Sleep Better 
Exercise can help your body feel more relaxed at night, which can aid in getting some good sleep. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise can help regulate your sleeping patterns. Have you ever had a great workout and laid down on the bed or couch a few hours later? I can feel all of my muscles relaxing and my mind is at ease, which tells me that my body is prepared for a nice sleep. Even if you only have time for a quick workout at night, you can try some relaxing exercises to help you sleep better (for example; stretching or yoga). 


Social Benefits 
As your self-confidence increases you may become more comfortable reaching out to others and become more social. Taking classes or going to a gym that offers a fun, energetic workout can introduce you to new people. When I started noticing positive changes in my body, I felt more comfortable going out and socializing with others. 


A regular exercise routine can help you look, feel, and think better! 9Round is my choice of exercise to help me reach my fitness goals. Not only am I getting a full body workout in just 30 minutes, but punching and kicking bags can be such an amazing feeling!