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330 W Foothill Pkwy Suite 104
Corona, California 92882


  • I lost 20 pounds in about 8 weeks! And it happened the healthy way so I’ve kept it off. 10/10 recommend getting the heart rate monitor, that’s a game changer for sure!
    - Sep 15, 2019 by Matt Naramor
  • I love that I can get a great workout in 30 minutes without having to think about what machine to do next, like at a standard gym. The trainers are excellent, and I've had outstanding results in only 4 months! I started losing weight after a few weeks!
    - Sep 12, 2019 by Krystal Salmans
  • It's fast, provides good cardio and strength training, it's flexible and the trainers are really nice.
    - Sep 9, 2019 by C.P.
  • I like that I get a good workout in 30 minutes
    - Sep 9, 2019 by Sarah Cruz
  • Quick, convenient and always a great workout!!! You never get bored of the workouts and the trainers push you to your max potential!
    - Sep 7, 2019 by S.D.
  • I absolutely love 9Round! The trainers are helpful, encouraging and motivating. They all know me now and make me feel welcome! I feel great after the workout!!!
    - Sep 2, 2019 by C.N.
  • Jen is an excellent trainer.
    - Aug 18, 2019 by Radostina Spencer
  • The time it takes is perfect. The atmosphere is enjoyable. The trainers are helpful but let you go at your own pace.
    - Aug 4, 2019 by sheli cordova
  • Trainers are very personable and encouraging! Great workout!
    - Jul 23, 2019 by J.C.
  • I love that in 30 min I get a great workout!! The staff is amazing and so helpful!!
    - Jul 10, 2019 by Sam Hansen
  • I like the no scheduled work outs. You can show up when convienent and get your work out in. Great atmosphere
    - Jul 9, 2019 by M.F.
  • It’s fun and hard at the same time. Can’t beat it!
    - Jul 9, 2019 by M.M.
  • Love that I can drop in anytime and get my workout done in 40 mins or less.
    - Jun 22, 2019 by S.D.
  • I like that it is a quick work out that you never regret going to. You always leave sweating, but a smile on your face. The trainers are really good!
    - Jun 21, 2019 by Megan Cordova
  • It's quick and the exercises change daily. It's such a great workout!
    - Jun 13, 2019 by Krystal Salmans
  • It is an intense workout but only 30 minutes and the trainers have all been excellent
    - Jun 12, 2019 by T.B.
  • I love that there is no set class time and that the workout changes every day.
    - Jun 4, 2019 by Sarah Cruz
  • I love that all the trainers are very encouraging and nice. I also love that I always do a different workout when I’m there. It keeps it exciting and fresh while always pushing me to do better.
    - May 11, 2019 by Kacie Van Ryder
  • I love not having to think about my work out. This workout changes every day and it is always a blast. It is truly a full body work out in 30 min..I definitely recommend trying it
    - Apr 14, 2019 by Cristina Casas
  • The hours are the best.. and no class times. Perfect for my schedule. Plus the workout is super fun.
    - Apr 11, 2019 by M.T.
  • I really enjoy that I can show up any time and get a work out in. No class times is key for me as I have a pretty busy schedule.
    - Apr 8, 2019 by M.F.
  • 9rounds is the best workout experience I have ever had. It is quick, fun and effective. Trainers are great and helpful with any modifications that I need. Would highly recommend!!!
    - Apr 8, 2019 by Sam Hansen
  • Great staff and Great location!
    - Apr 2, 2019 by Jessica Quintanilla
  • Love 9Round’s based on it’s flexibility to just drop in when I can and not have to come at specific class times. I can get a good workout in with my busy schedule and be done.
    - Mar 13, 2019 by Staci Downer
  • I liike that you can workout when it’s convenient for you. I also enjoy that the workout changes every day. You can get a great workout in 30 minutes.
    - Mar 3, 2019 by S.C.
  • For someone who has to juggle a full time job with being a mom to two toddlers, 9Round has been heaven sent! Getting in an amazing full body workout in just 30 minutes with no class times to try to get to on time makes it easy to get a workout in without worrying about rearranging my schedule or missing a class. I love that each day the workouts are different, keeping it fun and fresh. I love 9Round and highly recommend it. If you try it once I’m sure you’ll fall in love.
    - Feb 19, 2019 by Kristy Magarian
  • Simple straight forward routine that changes daily. Workout is challenging and can be adapted to your own fitness level. The owner Joe is awesome and always encouraging. And it’s never crowded!
    - Oct 14, 2018 by M.M.
  • Smokin Joe and his staff at corona are the best of the best. It's the best 30 minute workout ever !!
    - Apr 26, 2018 by Nick Werschmidt
  • I love that I get such a good workout in only 30 minutes! A trainer is always there to assist you if you need it.
    - Apr 18, 2018 by R.M.
  • I like the friendly trainers. Its because of their friendship, i feel like going.
    - Apr 2, 2018 by Biren Shukla

About the team

  • Jen <span class="nick-name">"Southpaw"</span> Perez
    Jen "Southpaw" Perez
    Jen "Southpaw" Perez is a highly skilled and certified Kickboxing Instructor. She holds many fitness credentials. Southpaw feels strongly that exercise is a benefit to one's mind body and soul, which is one of these reasons she became a personal trainer, as she is passionate about helping others turn into that healthy, confident and strong person that is in all of us waiting to bust out. Southpaw is also rocking an impressive six pack!...
  • Joe <span class="nick-name">"Smokin Joe"</span> Chavis
    Joe "Smokin Joe" Chavis
    Owner/ Operator of the funnest fitness transformation center in town! I've always been a sports fan, but my favorite sport growing up was wrestling. From there I shifted into Jiu Jitsu and was a way early fan of mixed martial arts. Kickboxing has been a great transition for me, where I've really learned to appreciate the incredible workout, coordination and balance skills it provides to your body,.. Not to mention flat out fat loss, muscle gain and confidence boost that comes with it!... TALK ABOUT LIFE CHANGING TRANSITION! This is a MUST for those looking for that "athletic, FIT" look and personal empowerment! My passion, which I have the privilege of enjoying every day, is my own fitness AND helping others achieve their goals! What are your goals and what can I do to help you start an amazing personal transformation today? Why wait any longer?.. Come in for a free workout ASAP and let's tailor a plan to fit YOUR needs and LET'S DO THIS!!!
  • Isaiah  <span class="nick-name">"Flash"</span> Suarez
    Isaiah "Flash" Suarez
    Isaiah "Flash" Suarez is a certified 9Round Trainer, with more than a year's experience at our club. Flash is a determined individual dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals. He is currently enrolled at Santiago Canyon Community College majoring in business management. Some activities Flash enjoys doing on his free time is playing the acoustic guitar, snowboarding, and taking trips to the lake. You will appreciate good natured and fun push that comes with training with Flash!
  • Lisa <span class="nick-name">"Storm"</span> Lowe
    Lisa "Storm" Lowe
    "Lisa (Storm) has worked in the fitness industry for 16 years, which a specialized focus on injury rehabilitation and athletic nutrition. She is a nutrition school graduate, pilates instructor, and holds several certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Her unique approach to training focuses on proper form and ensuring you get maximum core engagement throughout your session. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys running with her Border Collie and is currently training for her first Spartan Race! "