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Four Ways to Remain Active During Your Workday

Do you find it difficult to stay active during work? We know it can be challenging searching for ways to stay fit when you are stuck behind a desk all day. In order to help you achieve some extra physical activity during your daily routine we have come up with a few ideas that can easily be squeezed into your schedule.

1. Do not stay seated for your entire lunch break. You are given a certain amount of time to eat; however, if you spend only half of your time eating you can easily use the other half to exercise. It does not have to be strenuous exercise just a nice relaxing walk outside your office or a stroll through a nearby park or shopping center. This will help you squeeze in some physical activity and help clear your mind for the rest of your workday.

2. Try to make multiple trips. If you have errands to run try splitting them up, the more times you have to get up and move the better. If you usually call or email coworkers try getting up and going to their desks to deliver important messages. If you need to go to the shipping department and the personnel office take two different trips do not go to both at once. Every little bit of physical activity you can squeeze in the better. Any reason you can find for leaving your desk is another way to stay active during your day.

3. Take a Coffee Break. When your coworkers feel like making a run for coffee volunteer to go along with them or for them. You can recommend taking the stairs and walking to the coffee shop. This is an easy way to help out your coworkers and add a little bit of physical activity into your schedule.

4. Avoid Elevators and Escalators. Just say no to elevators of any kind. You can always stay active by taking the stairs. It is easy to park as far away as you can and take the stairs on your way into work, for your breaks and at the end of your day. You may not be running a marathon but every little bit counts. It may not seem like much, but at the end of the day you can squeeze in a lot of physical activity. Your body will benefit from the little changes you have made, and soon you will start noticing that you feel just a little bit better by remaining active during your busy day.