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2899B North Decatur Rd
Decatur, Georgia 30033


  • It’s 30 minutes of a total body workout with no fixed schedule. Also, you get out what you put in.
    - Aug 15, 2019 by T.S.
  • Taking on a new journey that I’m excited and at first nervous about. What I like best about the experience at 9Round is the challenge and working out every inch of my body. I’m loving it
    - Aug 12, 2019 by Lasharra Cox
  • I love that I don't need to think about my workout or plan out my own routine. I just show up, throw on my wraps and gloves, and get it done. And, because the workout changes everyday, it stays fun!
    - Jul 22, 2019 by Monique Farone
  • No class times, great trainers great workout
    - Jul 13, 2019 by N.S.
  • I love the circuit style workouts. I love that the exercises change daily. Most of all I love how supportive the trainers are.
    - Jul 13, 2019 by Djuana Kellam
  • No class times. Personalized attention. Quick, effective work-out that’s always changing.
    - Jul 10, 2019 by S.T.
  • The workout is great, and the atmosphere is excellent to motivate you to work hard and do your best!!
    - Jul 10, 2019 by K.M.
  • Decatur location had encouraging and engaging trainers, a conveniently flexible schedule and a well curated, tough workout!
    - Jul 7, 2019 by Stephanie Hale
  • The whole body workout and constant encouragement from the trainers.
    - Jul 4, 2019 by Kenneth Simmons
  • The variety of workouts- each day is different which makes it interesting and super challenging. Also, the trainers are super knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and encouraging.
    - Jul 1, 2019 by Jamie Gilbert
  • There is always a trainer at 9Rounds for guidance and motivation, each round is quick so it pushes you to do your best for that timeframe, it’s full body, you get a sense of community with the other members, and you get to punch and kick!!!
    - Jun 25, 2019 by Trisha Adams
  • It’s fun, motivating, and energizing!!
    - Jun 21, 2019 by M.G.
  • I like the flexibility. It’s very convenient because you can go at any time and in 30’ you get a good workout.
    - Jun 20, 2019 by Maria Santana
  • So far, I'm enjoying the variety of the exercises. I also love the fact that I can knock out a 30 minute workout and burn 500+ calories, on my own schedule.
    - May 31, 2019 by Tommy Housworth
  • All I have to do is go for 30 minutes, give as much of myself as I can give for the moment, and come away with hundreds of calories burned. I know that I will be encouraged to push as hard as I can; more importantly, it is much easier to push as hard as I can since my mind is preoccupied with the boxing and kickboxing exercises/drills and the many unique exercises that I am pushed to acheive. I suppose I am trying to say that at 9Round, working out is actually quite fun!
    - May 22, 2019 by Tami Parker
  • Great workout in a short amount of time, coaches are nice and enthusiastic, fun exercises but also hard!
    - May 17, 2019 by A.C.
  • 9Round is the first workout I’ve enjoyed going to for multiple weeks. Before starting 9Round, I would workout for a couple days and then get bored. I’ve been doing 9Round for 18 months and I always love the workout. It’s different and challenging every day and the trainers really push me to be the best I can. The trainers truly care about the ones working out and make sure we are safe and working out correctly. It’s fantastic.
    - May 17, 2019 by Macy Ruple
  • That I benefit more from the 30 miinute workout than the 1-1.5 workout I used to do. I get to keep track and monitor my fat burning zone to make sure I stay within that limit and optimize the workout.
    - May 15, 2019 by K.B.
  • A great workout for only 30 min! Love the trainers too.
    - May 11, 2019 by C.P.
  • That my workout is different everyday and that right when I get to the point that I feel I can do more, I get to change it up
    - May 9, 2019 by Sylvia Anderson
  • I go to the 9Round in Decatur, Ga and I love the owner and trainers of the gym. They are very encouraging and always remember each clients name. They are the reason that I continue to go to this particular location, even though I have moved 30 miles away. Antoinette Seabrook
    - May 2, 2019 by Antoinette Seabrook
  • The trainers are fantastic
    - May 2, 2019 by B.B.
  • I love everything about 9Round!!
    - May 1, 2019 by Amy Jones
  • I love that it’s a whole body workout and that there are no class times, so no excuses to skip it because I’m 5 minutes late! Of course, I also love the people...Kanesha and the other trainers and the other members I’ve gotten to know. I’ve never stuck with a work out anywhere near this long (almost 5 years and counting!!)
    - Apr 13, 2019 by Kate Mone
  • I love the variety in the workouts. No day is ever the same. We have trainers that care about more than just providing a service but our mental health as well. They provide a positive environment that allow us to get healthy and stay that way.
    - Apr 11, 2019 by Djuana Kellam
  • I love 9Round! I leave feeling stronger every time - not to mention the wonderful trainers who genuinely care about providing the best workout experience possible!
    - Apr 10, 2019 by B.J.
  • I love that every day at 9round I am met with a new challenge. On top of that the workout is only 30 minutes so it fits easily into my busy schedule and I'm always encouraged by the trainers.
    - Apr 3, 2019 by Bethany Watson
  • Instructors are great. Workouts are building speed strength and endurance in a fun environment.
    - Mar 26, 2019 by E.T.
  • Efficient and effective workout!
    - Mar 21, 2019 by S.T.
  • 30 minutes in and out. Well give or take a few. The trainers are encouraging and never make me feel stupid for being new to fitness and kickboxing
    - Feb 27, 2019 by S.R.
  • Amazing trainers that are effective and efficient. I love that i can get a full body workout in 30 minutes and go on with my day.
    - Feb 24, 2019 by M.P.
  • I've been going to 9Round for a little over a year and I love it! After visiting other 9Rounds over the holiday, I realized how lucky I am to work out at 9Round Decatur. The trainers are absolutely phenomenal! Not only are they dedicated and encouraging, but they are personally invested in each client's fitness journey. They can always tell if I need tough love or a little positive encouragement during my workouts. I'm so grateful for Killah K and her incredible team! I can not recommend them highly enough! If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?!?! You won't regret it!
    - Feb 10, 2019 by Nell Herring
  • Knowledgeable trainers and it’s a great 30 min workout.
    - Feb 9, 2019 by C.P.
  • Personable experience with staff
    - Jan 31, 2019 by T.G.
  • The intensity of the workout and the trainers keep you on pace.
    - Jan 11, 2019 by B.J.
  • no class times good trainers
    - Jan 11, 2019 by Natalie Snedden
  • Short workouts and no class time- always different
    - Jan 10, 2019 by K.B.
  • It's convenient and it's a very intimate setting so you have personal time with the trainers
    - Jan 9, 2019 by V.L.
  • I love that it's never the same workout. I love my trainer Kanesha and the whole 9 Round Decatur team.
    - Jan 9, 2019 by Djuana Kellam
  • Always a great workout. The staff is very helpful and encouraging. Makes working out fun.
    - Jan 9, 2019 by N.W.
  • 9Round Decatur keeps working out fun! The exercises change daily and the trainers are motivational & friendly!
    - Jan 4, 2019 by Monique Farone
  • Trainers to help with exercises and flexibility of the workout times
    - Jan 4, 2019 by Jason Bearden
  • The high intensity of the workout and constant encouragement from the trainers.
    - Jan 1, 2019 by Kenneth Simmons
  • This is the best gym I have ever been to, results every time! Highly recommend!
    - Nov 26, 2018 by L.L.
  • QUICK and KILLER workout! You're done in 30 minutes, but you feel like you've worked out for HOURS!
    - Nov 24, 2018 by M.J.
  • The trainers are very helpful and supportive.
    - Nov 7, 2018 by R.R.
  • A trainer is always available.
    - Nov 5, 2018 by Wilma Drayton
  • The trainers are the best!
    - Nov 2, 2018 by T.T.
  • The trainers are amazing
    - Oct 27, 2018 by M.V.
  • The trainers are great. The work out is different every time I go, so I don’t get into an exercise rut. It’s a great and challenging work out too.
    - Oct 24, 2018 by L.G.

About the team

  • Kendrell <span class="nick-name">"Kilo"</span> Dabney II
    Kendrell "Kilo" Dabney II
    Kendrell Dabney II is a current student at Georgia State University where he's studying Kinesiology and Sports Coaching. Kendrell developed a passion for fitness while working out at local Atlanta gyms with his father. As an athlete throughout high school, Kendrell dedicated himself to becoming stronger and more physically prepared to compete at a higher level. His ultimate goal is to be able to open a gym of his own to continue teaching others the importance of health and fitness. Kendrell also enjoys traveling and seeing new places around the world. "One of the best things about working at 9Round Decatur is seeing members improve techniques, strength and conditioning on a week to week basis." "My favorite round is 3, The double end bag and any Trainer Led drill involving the hand pads."
  • Julie <span class="nick-name">"Sherlock"</span> Holmes
    Julie "Sherlock" Holmes
    Julie has been a 9Round member since 2013 and is thrilled to join the training team. She grew up pursuing her love of sports, including soccer, volleyball, and finally ultimate frisbee at the college level. Outside of competition, Julie is a professional musician who performs multiple times weekly in the Atlanta area. Julie is a University of Georgia graduate with a Bachelor's degree in cognitive science and a minor in music business. Julie is excited to spread her 9Round addiction and encourage people to get stronger physically and mentally.
  • Kanesha <span class="nick-name">"KILLAH K"</span> Britt
    Kanesha "KILLAH K" Britt
    As the current owner of 9Round Decatur, Kanesha worked as the Manager & head trainer for 4 & a half years. Kanesha is a CPT, LMT, Nutritional Therapist and has been actively training for 20 years. She started her fitness career in 1998 as a front desk receptionist at Bally Total Fitness in Chicago, IL. Having struggled with being underweight all her life, Kanesha learned that she could gain muscle mass and still look feminine so she started working with a personal trainer. Kanesha became more interested in personal training and decided to get her training certification with NESTA. In 2004, Kanesha started her own mobile personal training business Fitness 4 Your Life (Currently Changes 4 Your Lifestyle, LLC). In 2005, Kanesha moved to Atlanta, GA and started working as a personal trainer. Kanesha is also a professional vocalist and has performed with live bands all over the world! Health & Fitness and music is LIFE for Kanesha! 9Round is the ONLY workout Kanesha does and her favorite round is Round 3 (The Double End Bag)!!

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