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Celebrating Strong Women by Making Women Strong

Heather Hudson

Did you know today is International Women’s Day? Did you know that each year this organization holds a different theme? This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Make It Happen.

Good stuff, I live for this kind of stuff. LOVE IT!

Make It Happen is pretty much my mantra for every day. I hope it is for yours. I found my strength through exercise and so many other women have found this as well. It still gets me going to see a woman make just the smallest tweak to her form and increase strength and be able to bust out one more kick, punch or repetition.



When we first opened our flagship 9Round store, we didn’t quite know what to expect. What we definitely did NOT expect was how many women were flocking to our doors! Turns out, women love this kickboxing fitness stuff!


Women like being able to go at their own pace when they’re in a fitness facility.

They like being able to come in to start their workout whenever their schedule allows for it, rather than a planned class time. Are women busier than men? I would go out on a limb and say, YES. Shhh. Don’t tell the boys.

Women also like the lower lights we have in our 9Round Fitness clubs. Hey, be honest, florescent lighting isn’t the most flattering. Low light hides a multitude of imperfections!

Lastly, women like 9Round Kickboxing Fitness because IT WORKS! Being able to be happier with your body AFTER KIDS than you were B.K. (before kids), is something that many women think is a myth.


Personally, I used to believe you had to have a private trainer in your home and a personal chef, (like a celebrity!) in order to get fit after a baby. Honestly, I didn’t lose all my “baby weight” until after we opened 9Round. But, my first “baby” was 7 years old at that time! Haha. Ok, so you can’t claim it as baby weight after that long. I thought I was doomed to have that extra fluff forever. The bottom line was, I wasn’t doing the right kind of exercise to lose those stubborn last pounds.

There are many women who haven’t even had kids and still want to lose weight or tone up and feel sexier in their clothes. Of course, the process is the same. Get in, get your 30 minutes done, and get on with your leaner life!


Besides empowering yourself physically, you should amp up your inner strength as well. Focus on slowing down and engaging more with your kids, spouse and friends. Don’t roll your eyes the next time your husband loses his keys. Smile and hand and them to him. You’ll unknowingly make him feel more valuable and accepted and you’ll argue less. Find ways to do random acts of kindness. Practice patience.   Buy cute tank tops to sleep in and throw away your ratty old t shirt. Count to 10 when you’re angered….(or 20!)

Read while you sip hot tea at night. I’ve made this my new routine at night. I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I have some shows I love and usually record and watch later. But, I found that if I watch TV first to “wind down” I never can seem to wind back up to absorb knowledge from a book! Reading requires a certain level of alertness that I don’t seem to have after 9:30 pm. I like my new nightly routine. After the kids are officially in bed I read various things for at least 30-45 minutes before anything else.

In the morning, focus on positive thoughts before you leave the house for 3 minutes every morning. Don’t have 3 minutes of quiet in the morning? No worries, you’re normal. Just wait until you get to your job and pull in the parking lot. Sit there for 3 minutes alone and listen to a positive guided message or just simply BE, before you go in the door.

Just remembering to breathe deeply 3-5 times multiple times throughout the day is a simple practice that is life changing. We tend to hunch our shoulders and take shallow breaths all day, especially when we are stressed or really focused. Once an hour, stand up, stretch for 30 seconds and breathe really deeply. This floods oxytocin into your brain and body. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Sometimes in our 9Round Corp office, we like to do the “9Round Minute.” It’s easy and it’s something you can start in your own office. Pick a simple exercise that you can do in the clothes that you wear to work. If you wear heels, slide them off for this. Push-ups and squats or lunges are the most practical moves. Do as many as you can for just one minute and go back to work. Guaranteed: you won’t be able to do this without smiling at your coworkers. Once the initial weirdness of, “Are we really going to do this at work?” goes away, and everyone drops their major adult mentality and admits that they WANT to move at work like a kid for just one minute, everyone can enjoy it and it will definitely increase the productivity of what you were doing prior to that. Be a woman who uplifts wherever she goes.

There are so many ways that women have changed and improved the world. Men are just as noteworthy. This is a world where “each of us needs all of us.” I truly believe that and am happy to see the world is shifting towards more equality across the globe whether it’s in relation to gender or ethnicity. If you want to read more about International Women’s Day, you can get inspired on more ways to “Make It Happen” here. http://bit.ly/1GZyrLy

Remember, making it happen is in your control. Successful people aren’t people who haven’t had anything stand in their way. They are those whom had those hurdles and said, “OK, how will I get over this one?” That is their “go to” mentality. I hope it is yours also!

Keep making it happen ladies! You are incredible. XOXO

-Heather “The Hero” Hudson