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How We Sabotage Our Fitness Routine

    A successful fitness routine requires a lot of hard work and determination. We need to be constantly looking for ways to stick to our fitness routine instead of looking for ways to quit it. We know we need to exercise to remain fit and healthy, so why do we always come up with excuses to give up on our fitness routine? We seem to be actively sabotaging our health and fitness needs, and we need to learn our self-destructive habits to effectively put an end to them.


Sabotage: We aim for perfection

We need to remember that no one is perfect, and if we aim for perfection we are sure to miss the mark. In other words trying to be perfect will only set you up for failure. You will not be able to achieve your goals, and the disappointment you feel will only give you that much needed excuse for you to give up on your fitness routine.

Solution: Be realistic

You need to realize that perfection does not exist and plow ahead with your fitness plan. You need to set realistic goals but realize that everyone, no matter how perfect or how prepared, will experience some sort of setbacks in life. It is how you approach and overcome these setbacks that can give you a reason to celebrate. You need to get into the routine of being prepared for and overcoming any obstacles you may face in order to achieve what is best for you and your health.


Sabotage: We compare ourselves to others

We have all heard of the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side.” This can be true in the gym. Many of us have the habit of comparing ourselves to others and finding how much we fall behind what we see. She has such flat abs or thin legs, why are ours so much flabbier? It is easy to fall into this type of trap and get down on ourselves for not being able to measure up to this supposed competition.

Solution: Be all about you

You need to stay focused on yourself. Why are we so concerned with other people and not ourselves? It does not make sense, especially if we are trying to improve our bodies, not theirs. It is not a competition, so you should only worry about you, your routine and your progress. If you analyze your fitness routines and not others, you may discover certain techniques that are actually working for you or things you need to improve in your fitness routine to help you achieve your goals faster.


Sabotage: That guilty feeling

Around 96% of women experience the feeling of guilt at least once a day. We prefer to think that if something happens, we could have done something different to prevent it. We internalize our problems even if the problem had nothing to do with us or what we did. We also tend to feel as if we must get certain things done in a short time frame, and when we fail to complete everything we set out to do we feel guilty. It is all our fault even if we know different.

Solution: Be aware

You should focus on the way that you look at your problems. Take the time to analyze how you treat yourself and how your guilty conscious is affecting you. You may find that you are being hard on yourself for no reason. Once you see how hard you are being on yourself, you can devise plans on how to more effectively solve your problems and the feelings associated with them.


Sabotage: The time excuse

Many of us use the excuse that there is just not enough time to exercise in our day. We are extremely busy in today's world. We are stretched beyond our means dealing with our families, jobs and our relationships. It can seem frantic during the best of times. There never seems to be enough time to do the things we need to do, let alone the things we want to do. It can be overwhelming to try to squeeze in our fitness routine.

Solution: Make exercise a priority

We need to realize that exercise is a necessary component to living a happy and healthy life and should be treated as such. There are quick ten minute exercise routines we can squeeze into our days, and many fitness centers offer exercise classes that only last for thirty minutes, like 9Round Kickboxing of Columbia, SC. It is up to us to write down our schedules and put in the times we need to exercise. We need to find times that will be less prone to experiencing any type of disruptions and are free from distractions. We need to stick to our schedules as much as possible to have a successful fitness routine.


    It can be easy to find any excuse to give up on your fitness routine, but you need to remember the reason you started it. You need to get in the right mindset and stay motivated in order to succeed in your fitness routine. It can be easy to fall victim to any form of self sabotage, but if you can overcome your self-destructive habits and overcome any setbacks, you will find your way on the path to achieving your goals in no time.