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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


1412 East Blvd.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203


  • 9Rounds is a fun and welcoming environment that is good for everyone regardless of your age or gender. You get a good workout with a supportive staff every time.
    - December 07, 2018 by Nicholas Linde
  • The trainers are great!
    - December 03, 2018 by Ryan Smitheman
  • The trainers are the best and really motivate you in a positive way to push harder.
    - December 01, 2018 by N.L.
  • The trainers and the owner are actively involved during the workouts. They treat everyone like family instead of just “customers”. 30 minute full body workout? doesn’t get any better than that.
    - November 28, 2018 by A.H.
  • The trainers are very knowledgeable and caring. They make the work outs fun!
    - June 17, 2018 by M.D.
  • That the team is consistently positive and always pushes me to give my best, never failing to tailor the workout to challenge me. Ultimately, I leave in a better mood than when I walk in the door.
    - June 15, 2018 by Kendall Trice
  • I’ve visited other 9 rounds. The trainers at Dilworth MAKE it awesome!
    - June 13, 2018 by wanda Thompson
  • I love the wide-open time to arrive and that it is only 30 minutes of time. I love the trainers and the intensity of the workout that I can control with the support of the trainer. They never want me to push Beyond what feels right for me that day. The owner John at Dilworth nine round is genuine heart centered compassionate human being and so I love supporting his gym. I love our fruit on Friday and that we can work out seven days a week. I’ve never been a gym workout person. But I love this gym in this work and I’ve never been in such great shape in all of my 59 years of life
    - June 11, 2018 by Debbie George
  • I love the changing workouts and the trainers/ owner at the Dilworth location in charlotte
    - June 08, 2018 by B.Y.
  • The staff. Without exception, everyone here is friendly, knowledgable and fun to work out with!
    - May 25, 2018 by katherine hohnbaum
  • I love the trainers and the workout. The workout is addictive and the trainers are very motivating.
    - May 22, 2018 by Nathan Lanning
  • I loved that you got a total body workout in 30 minutes. All of the trainers were great, helping and guiding you through each round. The music was always bumpin and the overall energy was great! Loved that the exercises changed daily.
    - May 18, 2018 by Nicole Galuski
  • I am so impressed with my experience at 9 Round Dilworth in Charlotte, NC. I am not good at traditional exercise (Going to the gym & coming up with my own workouts). 9 Round's appeal to me is the planned workouts and the trainers. Every trainer I have worked with at my location is awesome and makes me feel comfortable even when I am doing a routine I have't done before. I am also super busy, like most people, so the 30 minute in and out structure is awesome for my schedule. Can't wait to keep getting into shape at 9 Round Dilworth!
    - April 05, 2018 by Will Foster

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    John Dee
    John is the owner/operator of 9Round Dilworth. As a certified 9R trainer, he is passionate about fitness, nutrition & FUN!! John loves interacting with all of the members & ensures that they get a GREAT workout & leave 9R Dilworth each and everyday with a smile!
  • 9Round trainer
    Lauryn "Young Jeezy" Kobiela
    Lauryn joined 9Round Dilworth as a member in September 2014 & her love for 9R led her to becoming a trainer in early 2015. Lauryn graduated from Colgate University in May 2014 with with an Economics degree & played Division 1 college basketball. Strength and cardio training have always been a true passion of Lauryn's, a passion she loves sharing with others. Lauryn want to help you experience the accomplishment of a killer workout - while having fun of course!!
  • 9Round trainer
    Nikki "Mogul" Eason
    Nikki, who is 9R Dilworth's manager, is a native of Greenville SC native & graduated from WSSU with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing. Her athletic background, as a basketball player for both UGA and WSSU, has disciplined her into becoming a strong confident entrepreneur. Being a Trainer at 9Round Dilworth, Nikki brings diversity, promotes strength, and be committed to teaching the members about the importance of being consistent in fitness while striving to become a better you!
  • 9Round trainer
    Darius "D-Mo" Moore
    Darius is a Charlotte native & a married running father of two little girls. D-Mo is a certified USA Track & Field coach. His love for fitness has led him to 6 marathons, 17 half marathons, a Spartan Trifecta & two 24 hour relay trail races. He uses the lessons of his fitness journey to assist 9R Dilworth members on continuously striving for a healthier life. D-Mo's motto is "Progression over Perfection". He loves doing planks & pull-ups during workouts so don't be alarmed if you see him hanging from the ceiling......that's just our 9R Dilworth Spiderman......but you can call him "D-Mo"!

Local News and Events

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    29 Dec 2018 | by Charlotte, NC - Dilworth - East Blvd
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    09 Dec 2018 | by Charlotte, NC - Dilworth - East Blvd
    Due to the possible refreezing of any water on the roads overnight & continued snowfall/freezing rain, we will OPEN THE GYM ...
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    08 Dec 2018 | by Charlotte, NC - Dilworth - East Blvd
    Doe to the efffects of the winter storm the gym will be CLOSED Sunday (12/9).
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    14 Nov 2018 | by Charlotte, NC - Dilworth - East Blvd
    Hello Friends! Our Holiday hours for next week will be: Mon-Tues (11/19-11/20)- Normal Operating Hours Wednesday (11...
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