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Can You be too Out of Shape to go to 9Round?

Heather Hudson

Starting a new fitness routine is usually uncomfortable. However, for someone who is more than a little overweight, the anxiety associated with this is even more. They may be wondering, “Am I too overweight to even start a fitness routine?”


(Michelle M. Actual 9Round member. Weight lost: 130 lbs)

  This is actually a common concern. We love answering this question because we have real solutions for people are terrified at the thought of starting something that they won’t be able to finish!   At 9Round, we have helped somany people lose 50, 75, and more than 100 lbs. These people came in and started their fitness routine with us!   We really pride ourselves on taking people as members no matter what fitness level they are currently at, and then modifying the workout as needed & watching the pounds drop!   These are people who thought they could NEVER get fit, much less do something like kickboxing fitness, but, actually the reason for their success is because kickbox fitness makes weight loss FUN!  

We have a philosophy at 9Round...We believe that everyone deserves to be fit.

  With our 9 station circuit format, no one is really able to watch anyone else in the room, so it takes the intimidation of being in a “gym” away. This has been a proven factor that makes people feel more comfortable when starting a new weight loss program that they are unfamiliar with.   Then, in no time, they feel like part of the family. They see measurable results, pounds lost, inches lost and weight lost!   We keep members losing weight because we have made it our passion to keep you motivated! 30 Minutes really flies by when you do it 9Round style. We have a million ways to keep your mind engaged so you don’t get bored and so your body doesn’t know what’s coming next. This keeps the fat melting off.   Did you know?....   Word of mouth is our biggest referral method because our members love us so much, they can’t stop talking to their friends about us! Hey, friends don’t let friends do boring workouts!   Our trainers are here to HELP. We love changing lives!  

Do you want to change your life?

  Let us help. The first workout is no charge so you can see in real time that we live up to our claims.  

Give your local 9Round a call and let a trainer show you your fitness path to feeling amazing!