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So you want to lose body fat? Fuel like an athlete So you want to lose weight? Think like an athlete So you want to build lean muscle? Train like an athlete You can see a common theme here that is built around one word, "athlete." All too often, individuals in the world of general health and fitness and weight loss tend to shy away from this word. The word "athlete" has a competitive connotation to it. But, let's start to change our definition of athlete.  Sure, many athletes do compete but this is not a must to be an athlete. If you are scheduling time during your day to get to your 9Round workout, you are in fact are an athlete. If your goal is to lose 100+ pounds of body fat and you are now ready to make a lifestyle change and you are committing to multiple 9Round workouts each week, you are in fact an athlete. It is now time to make that shift mentally. We want to fuel our body like an athlete. We want to think like an athlete. We want to train like an athlete. You have the training part down. You go to 9Round and knockout that great workout and you are training like an athlete. When you start to follow 9Round Nutrition, you will be fueling yourself like an athlete. I saw a great statement the other day… "Athletes eat and train, they don't diet and exercise." Read that statement over and over again. This is the mental shift we want to start to make and when we do, we will then be thinking like an athlete. When you are following 9Round Nutrition and performing your 9Round workouts, you are eating and training like an athlete and this is a huge key to success. Diet and exercise doesn't work; never has and never will. Those that diet and exercise do not fuel like athletes, think like athletes or train like athletes. And as a result, these individuals do not get the results they desire because they are caught in a chronic cycle of diet and exercise. Have you ever known a chronic dieter to have an amazing physique every day, every month, every year? The answer is ‘no’ because chronic dieting will not produce such results. But guess what will? That's right, you guessed it, eating and training like an athlete! 9Round Workouts and 9Round Nutrition, need we say more? Now get out there and become the athlete you desire! Sincerely, Dr. Rick Kattouf II 9Round Nutrition Coach 2x Best-Selling Author CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf Inc CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf Nutrition LLC CEO/Founder Virtual Gym LLC